Safety Covers For Pools

safety covers for pools
safety net covers for pools

Safety covers for pools is an important safety feature that helps prevent drowning accidents. According to a study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ‘ drowning was the cause of both deaths for children under the age of fourteen years .’

The swimming pool Safety cover helps to keep children and pets out of the pool. Cover of stretches and closely anchored in the outdoor deck. The safety cover should hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds or three children. There are two types of safety covers for pools include solid and mesh cover.

Type Of safety covers for pools

The safety covers for pools is composed mainly of two kinds: mesh and solid safety covers, which anchored to the deck with a strap that keeps the cover company areas of water.

Solid safety covers

Unlike porous materials, such as a mesh covering, solid safety covers made from hard plastic. Hard plastic to prevent rain and snow from flowing through the safety covers for pools to the pool water. The covers not as beneficial as a mesh cover and has some flaws.

Automatic Safety Covers For Pools

These Automatic Covers usually built into the pools but fitted to existing ones. They are regularly used all-year-round, for safety purposes. They need a cover pump to drain the rainwater and snow from the surface of the cover.

Mesh Safety Covers For Pools

These safety covers for pools designed to suit every pond size and shape and can activate in a short time. They are considered as the best option to keep your pool safe and covered. Mesh covers described by a double-reinforced, heavy-duty stitching, 2-ply polypropylene webbing, and stainless steel tension springs. Wicker has a minimum-power break pounds. 2,200 Mesh covering able to withstand over 250 lb per square foot and serves as a safety device, by preventing children from contact with water. Great strands of polypropylene fabric were able to resist heavy rain and snow.

Five benefits from a safety covers for pools

1. Safety Control
Safety covers for pools produce from sturdy polyethylene fabric have strong stitches on the sides. This safety cover pool can hold up to 380 pounds or same as two people. They come in solid, mesh, or automatic safety cover types.

2. Minimize the use of Chemical
These benefits are somewhat related to the second and stop the evaporation of the liquid. When the pool water has to evaporate, filling the water is the only option. This encourages owners to use chemicals pool to another.

3. Stop water evaporation
Evaporation physical change is where the liquid turns to gas. This drives to a waste of water and chemicals. Solid safety covers insulates the thermal swimming pool.

4. Keep hot water
Safety cover can maintain the temperature of the pool water.

5. Keep out debris
Safety covers for pools keeps the water in swimming pool clean by blocking all the debrisĀ . Utilizing a cover like this reduces the cleaning time.