Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

restaurant fire suppression systems
Restaurant fire suppression systems wet chemical & pre-piped

Why we need restaurant fire suppression systems? In the restaurant, the risk of the occurrence of the fire would have very great considering each building certainly has a restaurant kitchen. It will surely be the biggest Center of business activity. But you have many factors which a major cause of the occurrence of the risk of fires.

In the kitchen, with a large heat source from the stove, oven, grill, and various electronic cooking appliances. So, it will certainly the main cause which is very easy to trigger the uncontrollable flame. It can change as a terrible fire disaster with fire classification type of electricity with fire classification class K. The fire happened in the restaurant not able extinguished the fire as easily as fire cases in the classroom. Because of the way of fire mostly fat or oils that of course the largest source in the kitchen.

Restaurant fire suppression systems specifications and agents

The nature of any oil or FAT if it on fire, then fires tend to be difficult to put out. So, this class K fires not right when overcome by the water fire extinguishers due to the nature of water and oil that could unite. So, if water remains in use as a fire extinguishing media with materials in the form of oil or fat. Thus endangering the officer and risk extending the hot spots. Because of the water that sprayed will only splashing oil content becoming increasingly widespread, thus increasingly aggravating conditions fires.

Fires triggered by the oil or fat also less precise when overcome by using a charged dry chemical fire extinguisher. Although the use of a charged fire extinguisher dry chemical to overcome due to the FAT or oil rated safe. But, it still less effective, because tends to be time-consuming and requires more chemical dry charge. Which has existed on the charge of oil or the fat, won’t be quick with a dry chemical powder.

The use of a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher also assessed less effective due to a fire in the restaurant. However, it will be very far-reaching and tend to cause flame fires stubborn. Also, it is difficult to put out if only overcome with the use of carbon dioxide gas.

The right media for restaurant fire suppression systems

Therefore, the restaurant fire suppression systems most appropriate are to use fire extinguishers containing payloads of foam. The content of this foam is effective to overcome the fire due to fluid burning including oil or fats. The shape of the foam which is very cool. This restaurant fire suppression systems will directly charge tuck point or zone fire easily when first sprayed on the fire zone.

Thus, the movement of oil or fat that triggers an expansion of the flame would be immediately halted. Along with the breaking of oxygen flow due to the charge enclosed by the foam. The process of Burnout that effective in the face of the class K fires that occur in the restaurant.

However, to get the security and fire-fighting protection class K which is much better with higher success rates and lower levels of loss. Then, it recommended for you to not just set up protection in the restaurant fire suppression systems. But also complement the kitchen space with an automatic restaurant fire suppression systems system.

We use restaurant fire suppression systems In the form of Restaurant System capable of working and responds automatically. Which in general have a blackout in cooling and saponification that effective in extinguishing the fire and control the fires. So, the fire will be overcome as quickly as possible before the fire had spread to a wider area.