Refilling Procedure of Fire Extinguisher


How does refilling procedure of fire extinguisher? You must recharge your fire extinguisher tubes after the fire extinguishers used. Remember, the charging performed every time you use it. Even if you only use a little agent in the fixed fire extinguisher. It required to conduct a replenishment due to pressure in the tubes will decrease. Also, it reduces the effectiveness of the fire extinguishers.

Refilling Procedure of Fire Extinguisher
Refilling Procedure of Fire Extinguisher

Also, you should recharge the fire extinguisher after performing the annual fire extinguisher inspection. Because at the time of the inspection sometimes found that extinguishers pressure down. So, it can’t be put to good use if it used.

When is the right time to refill fire extinguishers?

The easiest way to find out if you need to recharge your fire extinguishers is by conducting fire extinguisher inspections. If the pressure is in the red area, the sign of the pressure must be refilled. When you’re checking fire extinguishers in your building, also note the weight of the tool. If the weight of fire extinguishers lighter than it should, it is indicating that you should do a refill as soon as possible.

Refilling procedure of fire extinguisher

1. Check fire extinguisher safety yellow band
2. view fire extinguisher hose with good conditions
3. view pressure on the manometer needle, if the needle is in the green line means the pressure is good.
4. Checking the contents of the tube and make sure tubes great for refill production with appropriate capacity.
5. Do the filling ingredients into the tube with the appropriate capacity and type.
6. Attach the return valve and pipe in the tubes upon with his number that matches
7. The contents of the corresponding N2 pressure meter
8. Silence right moments and check the tubes for leaks.
9. If there is not a leak, the next step tube ready cleaned and repaired parts on parts that rust.
10. final check and fire extinguisher ready to use again.

Do refilling by yourself?

Charging fire extinguishers need the Fire Department and the agent (dry chemical, water, CO2, Halon). Need training on refilling procedure of fire extinguisher properly. You can do it by yourself but it is better if it is done by people who are experts in their field to minimize the problem. Many companies provide services to recharge fire extinguishers with a reliable fire protection. Also, material and training make sure the refilling procedure of fire extinguisher performed well.

Whether you choose to hire a fire services company to recharge your fire extinguisher or doing it yourself. But one thing to note is always to make sure that the needle on the pressure gauge located in the green zone. This is the best way to ensure that a fire extinguisher goes well and your fire extinguisher ready to protect you in the event of a fire.