Radiation Mask for Brain Cancer

radiation mask for brain cancer
Radiation mask for brain cancer picture

During brain cancer radiation treatments the patient will lie still. Also, the patient will breathe normally. Then the patient may have a device for his position, and shields to protect his organs healthy. Linear accelerator machine would give precise doses of radiation to a marker in Your target field. The patient session will be 45 minutes long. And the patient will use radiation mask for brain cancer for a radiation treatment session.

Depending on where the patient target is the radiation field, they may give a gown to wear so that the cloth can fold back as required. The patient will directed to lay on the table of the radiation. Then the technician will position the patient. After that, the patient may have a form to assist in positioning. Also, shields will used to protect patient organs healthy.

Radiation mask for brain cancer for therapy

Before their first radiation treatment, the brain cancer patients wear a radiation mask for brain cancer that was formed to face them. There are holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. While positioned to the first treatment, technicians assist patients lying down and place the mask over the face of the patient. The radiation mask for brain cancer locked into position on the table so that the patient could not move. Patients given towels rolled to hold, just to have something to hold on without moving.

Unlike x-rays, breathing is normal in radiation therapy. Radiation mask for brain cancer has a little tricky. The patients are likely to find that breathing with their stomachs instead of shallow, upper lungs breathing easier because of the throat and upper chest were restricted in their movements by the mask.

When the patient is ready for radiation, the technician will step out of the room. A team of radiation will have a camera and microphone for communication with the patient. Specially trained technicians will direct the movement and dose delivery accelerator engine.

The linear accelerator machine

The radiation device is large and built to rotate and move accurately. It runs and gives the radiation programmed to follow a three-dimensional model created from data taken from patient CT scan and MRI. The treatment process finished with precision.

Linear accelerator machine delivers the right radiation dose

You may have signs placed on your skin to guide the gas pedal, or in the case of radiation mask for brain cancer, the model built into the cover. The accelerator makes a buzzing sound. He went on and off. When it is giving a dose, you’ll hear the buzz. When the engine is turning, there will be no buzz. You will experience no pain during treatment.

Your first session will be from ten to forty-five minutes in length, depending on the field of your target, and the amount of radiation you will receive.