RA Symptoms in Hands

ra symptoms in hands
Early RA symptoms in hands

Rheumatoid arthritis usually called RA mostly affects the joints in hand. The antibodies are produced to affect the cells around the joints that help lubricate them. So it becomes inflamed Synovium and swelling, causing the tissue to stretch. This condition causes chain extending other supporting structures such as tendons and ligaments to stretch too. So, the joints became deformed and eroded the joint cartilage. People find the bones appear red and hot to the touch. Then, what are RA symptoms in hands?

RA symptoms in hands

Arthritis can found in the joints of the wrist, finger joints and joints of a finger. The main RA symptoms in hands are as follows:

Deformities of finger joints due to RA in hands often referred to as the Heberden’s node. In this state, the size of the rheumatic fingers changes because of persistent swelling. People may also feel that together have been loosened.

Swollen joints
When joint pain continues for a long time, and the patient does not reduce stress at hand, then it can cause swelling in the joints. In this way, our bodies try to give out signals to stop further use of the affected hand. This condition occurs when the underlying network damaged by arthritis.

Stiff joints
The bones of the wrist and fingers joints become stiff because of the sore constantly and swelling. It becomes apparent when patients experience pain when doing activities such as opening locks or cover the container. Stiffness can result in redness of joints, and it becomes warm and soft to the touch. Many people dismiss such symptoms can occur for a variety of other causes. Stiffness due to arthritis mainly felt in the morning with the cold weather conditions.

Joint pain
This illness is one of the early RA symptoms in hands. The characteristics of hand arthritis pain are that it is a constant dull pain with a burning sensation which continues to plague the patient. This pain increased when the hand has often used by activities such as lifting a heavy weight. When pain turns severe, it can interfere with a patient’s sleep. However, when hands gave a break, painful joints tend to subside.

Other RA in hand symptoms

Other signs include a feeling cracking of joints during motion, loss of power, loss of function of joints of joints, and decreased mobility of the joints. It happens because of damage caused to the cartilage. Formation of cysts on the end joints of the fingers can also result from arthritis.

What Causes RA in hands?
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s antibodies to attack the body’s tissues. The antibodies tend to surround cartilage and tissues around each joint. They damage the tissue and gradually causes inflammation of the joints and bones in the joints. Joints are usually affected include, finger, thumb, wrist, knee, foot and ankle joints. Joints affected are less common including hip, shoulder, elbow, and neck as well.

Treatment Of RA symptoms in hands

RA symptoms in hands has no cure for this is a chronic condition. However, the doctor may recommend medicine to help relieve the pain and slow the damage together. Medications like anti-inflammatory drugs of non-steroid contribute to reducing pain and swelling. Also, slowing the progression of the illness as well as suppressing the immune system. Also, the patient advised to occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Rheumatoid arthritis in hand is a condition that weakens. This disease strikes women more than men, and it appears people in the age group of 41 to 61 years. Talk to your physician for more specifications and available treatment options for RA in hands.