Purple K Fire Extinguisher

Purple K fire extinguisher
Purple K fire extinguisher

Purple K fire extinguisher effective for controlling combustible liquid fires. The purple K suitable for use on class B and class C fires. Also, the purple K agents used in some dry powder fire extinguishers. This is the most effective dry chemical in fighting the fire class B and can use against some of the fires electrical equipment for energy.

Purple K fire extinguisher at least 5 times more effective against class B fires than the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Also, twice the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate-based powder. This state because of the larger size of the potassium ion. Purple k dry chemical fire extinguisher works by inhibiting the chemical chain reaction in the combustion zone.

This chemical reaction resulted in a ‘ free radicals ‘ which stick to the surface of the powder particles introduced into the combustion zone. This inhibits a chemical reaction that forms the fire and caused the fire to stop there. Purple K is a class of BC powder and available for use in areas such as airfields, chemical plants. Also, refineries where superior quality fire extinguisher required.

Purple K fire extinguisher description

Purple-K dry chemical is one of the most effective dry chemical agents against class B fires. However, purple K containing potassium bicarbonate-based any chemical additives produced by chemical processes. The resultant free-flowing agents, water repellant, non-abrasive and will not produce toxic effects.

A substance called purple-K often used for extinguisher of electrical fire. Also, it is effective for flammable liquid fires and effective against electrical fires. The purple K is a fine powder, floating on most liquids. It not wet with water, and not harmful if consumed in small amounts. This purple K fire extinguisher works by inhibiting a chemical reaction, and for a small rate, smothers the fire.

What is a purple k fire extinguisher used for?

Purple-K dry agents can use to fight fires flammable liquids, gases and greases and electrical energy. Since fires great effectiveness, purple-K agents used in the petroleum industry and in other areas where the fire is high risk.

Purple-K agents available on the portable fire extinguisher and wheeled fire service. Also, available on large stationary units, mobile units, and variously fixed nozzle piped systems.


Purple K fire extinguisher effective against class B fires and at least 4-5 times more effective than carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Also, more than twice as effective as sodium bicarbonate-based agents. A range of Purple K fire extinguisher will be operating at low temperature as – 65 ° F and as high as 120 ° F (– 54 ° C and 49 ° C).


Never mix purple-K agents with phosphate-based chemicals. Chemical reactions that harmful to the fire service will take place.

Purple K fire extinguisher approvals

Laboratory Testers provides a recognized approval of the combination of fire and his agent. Besides, many types and sizes of approved or registered purple K portable fire extinguisher. These Purple K fire extinguisher recharged only with the original agent, as specified on the nameplate. Also, these agents meet the specifications of United States Government agencies and Canada.