Pediatric Brain Tumor Symptoms

pediatric brain tumor symptoms
Signs and symptoms of pediatric brain tumor

Children with brain tumors show a collection of symptoms that are no different from adults with symptoms of a brain tumor. But then the pediatric brain tumor symptoms are non-specific, and there are symptoms can point to other issues and not just what you are afraid. Your physician will be the best person to diagnose the condition of the child but only to understand things in General, here are the pediatric brain tumor symptoms:

The pediatric brain tumor symptoms


The disease usually causes headaches in children that cannot ignore. Problems associated with tumors in the brain more repeat and increase in intensity over time. Children often woke up in the middle of his sleep and headaches can not be reduced with painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. As in the pediatric brain tumor symptoms, headache worsened during the change of the position such as lying, bending or sneezing. However, the headache is a symptom of non-specific and can not directly attribute to problems in children.


Such as headaches, seizures can connect to another pediatric brain tumor symptoms. However, 50 percent of people with this case to have a seizure. Seizures can be very mild and cause the twitch reactions more intense, such as loss of awareness. If you assume, your child has a seizure attack, seek medical attention immediately. Also, children may tend to sleep more than necessary or not suddenly have the urge to participate in the game because of fatigue. But then isn’t that the Pediatric tumor can only be a child tired, there are plenty of other reasons as well, and You can point to the disease.

Changes in personality

Personality changes can also associate with other things like events that may have made the son of sad or happy. But exaggeration of typical character traits is also indicative of this pediatric brain tumor symptoms in children. For example, children may laugh at the things that they do not have to find funny or angry outburst abruptly with/raging.

Cognitive impairment

If you see your child suddenly having trouble recollecting things or can’t concentrate properly, you should tell your doctor as soon as possible. These symptoms are sometimes more recognizable are the children of school age. For example, if it is the duty of the regular kids ‘ than any child can do, and your school will need more time than necessary and also have other related pediatric brain tumor symptoms mentioned here, it can be a symptom in children, which can only ascertain after checking with a doctor.

Changes in speech

A child can say things that make sense, despite the efforts to communicate with the right words.

Physical changes kids
A child with a brain tumor may experience weakness on one side of the body. Walking can be a loss of balance, and there is a lack of coordination within the movement.

Treatments for pediatric brain tumor symptoms

Because there are various types of brain tumors, treatment will not be the same for everyone. The doctor will look at the kind of brain tumor, its size and where in the brain before deciding on the best treatment. This action is the primary treatment used to treat brain tumors. Your child may have a treatment or combination of treatments.

Typically, a surgeon who specializes in brain tumors (neurosurgeon) will operate to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Smooth tube (shunt) may be inserted to drain excess fluid from the brain and into the lining of the stomach area (abdomen). You can’t see the shunt on the outside of the body. Stop pressure in the brain of the ride. Another way to treat this is to make the other drainage line to the liquid around the obstruction. After surgery, your child may spend a few days in the intensive care ward so that nurses and doctors can keep a very close eye on them.

Radiotherapy treats a tumor by using high-energy x-rays that destroy the tumor. It can also use as a primary care if the operation is not possible. Sometimes a more specialized type of radiotherapy may use. Your child’s oncologist will explain more about this.

Chemotherapy for pediatric brain tumor symptoms

Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to get rid of tumor cells and can give when surgery did not completely remove the tumor. Oncologists administer chemotherapy. It is used to treat medulloblastoma and is also more common to deal with a type of brain tumor.

Chemotherapy can also use if the surgery does not completely remove the tumor. Can be given as a tablet or by injections through the veins. Specialist physicians and nurses will describe the treatment and answer your questions so that you know what is required.

Medicines your child may need to take
Your child may need to take medication for a while to reduce or control the symptoms of a brain tumor.

Steroids reduce swelling or inflammation in the brain and so they can help with the symptoms.

Medicines that help prevent match
This medicine is known as anticonvulsants. The medicine provided if your child has had any suitable.