Novec Fire Suppression System

novec fire suppression system
Novec clean agent fire suppression system

One of the most effective ways to deal with the fire to have a Novec fire suppression system installed in your building. This system basically consists of both fire protection and Fire Detection Instruments. That assist in dealing with both before and after the effect of the fire.

Novec fire suppression system specification

Novec fire suppression system agent is unique fire extinguishing agent. Between clean agent, has the lowest atmospheric period five days. Stored as a liquid, which makes it easier to transport, and also has a “zero ozone depletion potential”. Like other agents, it is a very good option for the computer room, electrical control, and high-value area. Novec calculated to debit in 10 seconds and usually calculated at 4.3% concentration.

Stored in cylinders in liquid form, Novec immediately evaporated the moment of discharge. Flood completely protected space and absorb heat better than air. And once the danger has passed, the agent evaporate without harming all valuable assets.

Novec 1230 fire suppression system

Novec fire suppression system represents the most effective fire protection on the market today. This system is particularly suitable to suppress fires in areas where conductive media required. In the electronic system does not shut down in an emergency.

Novec fire suppression system using Novec 1230 fire protection fluid Total flooding applications. Agents have the potential for ozone depletion 0.0, the atmospheric lifetime of only five days. Also, the global warming potential of 1.0. This system of every custom engineered for specific applications. Also, using the most effective arrangement, distribution, and disposal of the components.

The replacement of HALON 1301

Novec fire suppression system agent has developed as an alternative replacement for Halon 1301. Then, the HCFC, HFC, and PFCs in special danger, high-value applications. It has a unique quality that later uses safety and environmental sustainability.

Novec 1230 fluid is low toxicity and environmental impact. It is a liquid at room temperature, with low vapor pressure. Also, allowing for ease of handling, storage, and delivery. Stored as a liquid but issued as gases, liquids Novec agent is easy to handle. The field of rechargeable and need about the same number of cylinders as the agent of the halocarbon.

The Novec fire suppression system using the revolutionary fire protection fluid. Which looks exactly like water, but does not cause the type of damage associated with water when putting fires. The system is capable of detecting a fire at a level not seen. Then, identifying particulate matter from burning before they turn into damaging flames.

Special fire protection fluid

Novec fire suppression system, low toxicity profile characteristics. Also, make it sustainable solutions as an alternative to halon replacement for HFC.

This is the basics of firefighting system has been effective. Fire suppression systems generally regulated by NFPA code and used in most places, follow the same rules. They have now become a necessity for some industries as they help detect fires, control the damage and losses to equipment and human life.