Nitrogen Fire Suppression System

Nitrogen Fire Suppression System
Nitrogen gas fire suppression system

The most effective way to extinguish or prevent the fire is to remove oxygen. Nitrogen fire suppression system is a cost-effective way to replace the oxygen that will lead to creating an inert atmosphere. An inert atmosphere will not let the fire, so it will prevent explosions. The nitrogen fire suppression system used for the purposes of firefighting in explosive atmospheres.

Nitrogen gas fire suppression system

Nitrogen is an inert gas naturally present in the atmosphere because it’s a greenhouse effect is zero. Also, the thinning of the ozone layer that the potential is zero. This inert chemistry non-conductive, colorless, and odorless. Nitrogen non-corrosive used at normal temperature with materials such as nickel, stainless steel, and plastic.

Nitrogen fire suppression system based on the principle of reducing the oxygen in the hazard protected. The oxygen concentration minimized by application of Nitrogen until you reach a level where the burning is no longer supported. Each system designed to lose oxygen to a certain level. When discharged, Nitrogen quickly distributed within the enclosure. It reached a concentration of design in 60 seconds.

Typical applications of Nitrogen fire suppression system

1. Clean rooms
2. Computer Suites
3. Operating room
4. Control room
5. Substations
6. Generator

Nitrogen fire suppression system benefit

1. Nitrogen fire suppression system is an inert gas that extinguishes upon the principle of oxygen. In the enclosed space of almost all the fires that turn off in less than 60 seconds if the oxygen falls below 15%. Nitrogen gas reduces the concentration of oxygen to about 12.5%. Also, Nitrogen has a density almost equivalent to the air. This results in a lower loss of agents during and after release. Nitrogen mixture uniformly to agent minimum stratification.

2. In the occupied areas, people can breathe fire on Nitrogen concentrations are at acceptable levels for human exposure over short periods of time. There are no Toxicological factors associated with its use and do not break down or produce any by-products when exposed to fire. Nitrogen discharge would not make fogging the effect therefore, vision is not compromised or obscured.

3. Because only a clean gas runs out, there is no pollution of the condensation and frosting. So, precision machinery and precious materials are not affected. Also, the insulation makes sure corrosion isn’t a concern. Thereby helping to keep the environment clean installation.

4. Heavy nitrogen gas disposed of is roughly equal to the air, so it stays in the room anymore and the effect a prolonged fire.

Nitrogen fire suppression systems

5. Nitrogen, natural ingredients, it’s easy to get to and replace. In General, it can installed in the same place as halon 1301 Fire Department.

6. Most of the Nitrogen system designed to extinguish fire with a minimum concentration of agents from 36% within prescribed in the year 2001.

7. Nitrogen is an inert gas found naturally in the atmosphere. However, at room temperature, the gas is colorless and odorless. This is the environment neutral has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP).

8. At the top of the list and the approval of an independent institution including FM200 and ULC. Also, it used in worldwide company.