Muntingia Fruit Health Benefits

muntingia fruit health benefits
Muntingia fruit health benefits

What are the Muntingia fruit health benefits? Muntingia fruit consumed along with the seeds. Also, it has hundreds or even thousands of seeds in it and the size as big as marbles or the range of 1-1.5 cm to diameter.

Muntingia fruit botanical Description

Muntingia tree belongs to the small to medium, high reach 12 m. It has large shrubs, stems sometimes branch-free straight, and relatively short. Also, the wood is very hard, a little clay is Brown, the heading is always green, shade, form a record of branching twigs finely haired. Horizontal layout of the leaves, the shape of the pointed tip, leaf size 1-4 x 4-14 cm, lower surface hairless.

Muntingia fruit has the spherical shape, the color red, ripe fruit diameter of 1-1.5 cm. There are Seeds in the flesh like sand, in fruit, there are several thousand tiny seeds. The amount of fruit ripening there are grains of 624-630/kg.

Muntingia fruit compounds

Every 100 grams of cherry has the content divided as follows:
Water (77.8 g)
Protein (0.384 grams)
FAT (1.56 grams)
Carbohydrates (17.9 grams)
Fiber (4.6 g)
Ash (1.14 grams)
Calcium (124.6 mg)
Phosphorus (84mg)
Iron (1.18 mg)
Carotene (0, 019g)
Niacin (g-0554)
The content of vitamin C (culture along 80.5 mg) the value of the energy generated is 380KJ/100 grams.

Muntingia fruit health benefits

The Muntingia fruit can consume directly and processed into fresh syrup. Muntingia leaves can also be processed into a tea which is very nutritious for the health of the body. A way of making it pretty simple, simply by drying the leaves, then mix with hot water.

The nutrition content of Muntingia fruit is not inferior to other fruits such as mangoes. Mango fruit vitamin C 30 mg, whereas the Muntingia fruit 80.5 mg. Also, the calcium content of Muntingia fruit 124.6 mg, far more than the fruit of mango that only 15 mg.

Muntingia is very beneficial for health, as for the Muntingia fruit health benefits as follows.

1. To prevent tumor

The Muntingia tree believed to be one of the plants that could prevent the occurrence of tumors in our bodies. By utilizing its leaves as herbs because the leaves contain Flavonoids that the barrier to tumor cells.

2. Antioxidants

The content of vitamin C contained in the Muntingia fruit can ward off free radicals. So, our bodies stay fit while moving and not easy to hurt.

3. Muntingia fruit health benefits as antiseptic

The content of flavonoids, saponins, and tannins contained in the leaves of the plant can be used as an antiseptic.

4. Reduce inflammation

The Muntingia leaves can relieve or reduce inflammation or in the language of medicine, referred to as a bitter taste.

5. Treating Gout

With the abundance of the content contained in the Muntingia fruit. The Muntingia fruit believed to be able to treat pain when uric acid.

6. Maintain heart health

Muntingia leaf extract can protect myocardium which resulted in a significant reduction in the restriction enzyme leakage of the myocardium.

7. Muntingia fruit health benefits for stomach cramps

Muntingia flower used as an antiseptic and can treat stomach cramps. So, if you are experiencing stomach cramps, drink the decoction of Muntingia blossoms.

The articles above about the Muntingia fruit health benefits, in addition to having a sweet taste, there is good content for the health of our body.