Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

monthly fire extinguisher inspection
Monthly fire extinguisher inspection

This section does not take the place of professional training. However, consult NFPA 10 to complete training in the monthly fire extinguisher inspection procedure. NFPA standards need the inspection of any portable extinguisher done at least once every month. Monthly fire extinguisher inspection that described becoming quite sure that units filled. However, This inspection should not confuse with the annual maintenance fire extinguisher.

Monthly fire extinguisher inspection

Our first confirmed that the fire service in its place assigned and that nothing is obstructing the visibility or access to it. Then, we verify the position to operate; operating range usually marked green. Also, we checked out the fullness of the appropriate fire extinguisher by selecting up, confirms the weight.

In certain circumstances, we should make sure that the instructions facing to the outside and in readable condition. We may also need to check for damaged or missing tamper seal. For some of us, look for corrosion, leaks, and blockage in hose or nozzle should do at least every 30 days.

What do we do if we find a problem? if an obstacle in front of the fire service we move it or have it move. Then, if the path to the fire blocked it should remove immediately. Also, if the extinguisher is not in the line of sight, NFPA standard allows for signs to identify the location.

If it has moved from the exact location we return to wall hanger, bracket, or cabinet. Any deficiencies in the fire itself need the attention of the fire equipment dealer. Finally, we recorded our inspections, even for units that need improvement. Many annual service tags provide a monthly log at the back to note the date of examination made and your initials.

How to do a monthly fire extinguisher inspection?

Here are 12 steps to do monthly fire extinguisher inspection of your own:

1) make sure the fire extinguisher in a place appointed, visible, and accessible for immediate use. Then, check to make sure that there’s enough signage above the fire to show the location.

2) check the Service date to determine the need for monthly fire extinguisher inspection log or maintenance. The date is shown on the tag

3) make sure the cursor is on the gauge are in the range of operating pressure.

4) remove the hanger from the firewall or bracket, make sure it’s safe enough to hold the extinguisher

5) Fireman’s heft (lift up and down) to determine if it is not filled with the agent

6) check the extinguisher shell and all exterior parts for evidence of damage, corrosion or other problem.

7) check whether the seals of visual inspections already in place

8) check that the valve stem is full of ‘ up ‘ position. Also, the stem which is approximately 1/16 “clearance

9) check the nameplates of the damage and the reading

10) check the hose and nozzle for damage or obstructions

11) notes the inspection date conducted and the initials of the person who conducted the inspection. Then, keep a record of the fire service found requiring corrective action

12) returned fire to the place appointed, and secure

We know fire extinguishers, not at the top of the list of anyone, but it’s always smart to be on the safe side. Who knows, that one time, you may need your fire extinguisher. It only took a few minutes to do monthly fire extinguisher inspection record.