Mini Tummy Tuck (Review and Procedure)

What is mini tummy tuck? It uses a short incision above the pubic area, like the incision for Caesar. Mini tummy tuck modified using the C-section incision. It likes muscles to tighten and remove excess skin from the lower abdomen. The ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck has most of his problems under the navel. Also, it recommended for patients who have stabilized with diet and exercise. This procedure is ideal for people who have less excess belly fat and want to tighten the abdomen below the navel.
Mini Tummy Tuck
5 weeks post op mini tummy tuck


Mini tummy tuck reviews

The perfect candidate for a mini tummy tuck is a local person with excess skin between the navel and pubic bone. A good candidate for a modified approach to correct the sagging stomach is in good health. But, they found that diet and exercise have not helped the problem. The mini tummy tuck requires expelling skin and tissue from the lower part of the stomach. Also, improve a weak muscle without repositioning the navel.
There are different techniques for different body conditions. Someone might trim, but the skin can become loose. These women just need a small tummy tuck. Anyone who considering getting pregnant should wait to have any tummy tuck procedure.

The expecting mini tummy tuck procedure

One of the most important things to know about the tummy tuck is that there will be scars left. “Although you can cover mini tummy tuck scar with clothes and is rarely seen in the clothes. Whether you have a traditional Tummy Tuck or a modified version of dictating what your scars will look like.
During this procedure combined with liposuction-excess fat and remove skin below the belly button area. Also, if necessary, lower abdominal muscles tightened. The modified version of the abdominal tuck less involved than a full tummy tuck. Also, the regeneration time is shorter. This procedure still produces scars, which varies from a few inches long to hipbone to hipbone. But, with proper healing should fade into fine lines.

Mini tummy tuck belly button recovery

Recovery of the small tummy tuck is shorter than for a traditional tummy tuck. But, it’s important to know that the procedure considered major surgery. The post-treatment also easier.

Additional tips

If you are prone to developing Keloids, be sure to let the plastic surgeon doctor know because the incision you can cure with one. Since less skin removed, unlike many stretch marks removed. It does not tighten sagging skin above the navel.
Anyone considering body contouring surgery to eliminate stretch marks had to wait a few months after their kids come. Also, down to their normal weight and return to their normal exercise routine and healthy lifestyle. If you became pregnant again, they finally can go back stretching regions and discredit the results.