Masseter Reduction Botox Review

Masseter reduction Botox
Botox for masseter reduction

What are the Masseter reduction Botox? Botox, the world’s most popular cosmetic injection treatment. It works by providing the muscles while the paralyzing effect of reducing unwanted facial expressions. The majority of Botox used for this purpose done on the forehead line and around the eyes. Masseter reduction Botox, repeatedly over time can actually reduce the size of these huge muscles. Also, it improves appearance and reduces the symptoms of muscle aches-balled.

Masseter reduction Botox definition

If you have a face shape that looks too large in the jaw, it is very likely that you have the large masseter muscles that cause face looks larger. You can trim the jaw with Botox injections on each side of the jaw. This Masseter reduction Botox procedure known as Square Jaw reduction procedures nonsurgical procedure.

The use of masseter reduction Botox also noted in the medical journal. In this ethnic group, it is often desirable to reduce the size of muscles for cosmetic purposes. Botox did from time to time so effective that operation used to achieve the same effect. Then, reduction of the masseter muscle. Also, the mandibular angle reduction is now provided only for patients who showed thin protruding.

Masseter reduction Botox procedure

Masseter reduction Botox is easy to do. Have the patient clenching their teeth together. Also, bulging border muscle protruding from the masseter easily seen. The specialist usually injects right into the bulging region leading to 6 units per bulging wide. Also, stay closer to the corner of the jaw and lower border to avoid injecting into the Parotid gland. Plus, most of the masseter muscle located thick low anyway. The specialist has found that it takes about 25-35 units per side to get a good effect. So when the specialist ran out of bulging areas to inject. She’ll make sure she inject in front and back muscles in the lower part of the jaw until the specialist reaches that number of units.

Masseter reduction Botox benefits

Injecting Botox into different parts of the muscle masseter can relax it and reduce the appearance of the jaw. The best part is that surgery is not necessary and it is a non-invasive method that is safe for facial slimming.

Another benefit is that the procedure can be done on a lunch break. Because it only requires a single injection of the skin on each side to achieve the various points of the masseter muscle. This done in 6 minutes and come with little pain, so you can continue with your day.

How long does Masseter reduction Botox works?

While the effects can be typically quite fast, as rated by less muscle pain. It takes around 6 months before the actually visible shrinking of the muscles. Masseter reduction procedure have to be repeated every 4 months up to a year’s worth of treatment to see the best results. The size of the decline is impressive muscles after a year of Botox therapy.

The results of the masseter reduction maintained even if Botox injections stopped. I don’t have good physiological explanations about it. Botox does not cause any permanent atrophy in the muscles of facial expression. But I have seen that it is the real clinical decision with the use of Botox.