Manuka Essential Oil Benefits

Manuka Essential Oil Benefits
Manuka Essential Oil Benefits

What are the manuka essential oil benefits? Manuka essential oil is known in the new collection of essential oils. However, the Maori have realized manuka health benefits for centuries. The Maori have long used various parts such as oil, manuka tree SAP, bark and leaves to deal with various problems.

Manuka essential oil extracted by the process of steam distillation from the leaves and twigs of the tree manuka. Research reveals manuka oil is a rich source of sesquiterpene. Also, it has antibacterial qualities and has a range of potential health benefits for medicine.

The main compounds contained in this essential oil is caryophyllene, geraniol, pinene, and linalool. There are unique things about manuka essential oil benefits. Then, the concentration of a chemical compound in manuka oil is different based on the altitude at which the leaves picked.

Manuka essential oil benefits

1. Antifungal

Properties of antifungal have widely examined by leading scientific institutions. However, manuka essential oil can eliminate various fungi and bacteria that develop on the feet and toes. Applying manuka essential oil several times a day can be a very effective remedy.

You can create a solution with the leg marinade adds about 6 drops of manuka oil into warm water. Then, soak your feet for about 19 minutes every day.

2. Manuka essential oil benefits to relieve Rheumatism

Manuka tree has exploited because of its ability to treat joint pain and muscle pain. Anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils can help alleviate complaints of pain. Also, for inflammation conditions such as rheumatism. You can treat muscle and joint pain with this oil. Then, you can add 8 to 10 drops of manuka essential oil to the bath several times a week.

3. Insect stings remedies

Manuka essential oil is effective and safe solutions for insect stings or bites. When the insect stings, apply a bit of manuka oil to the affected area as soon as possible. This essential oil is working effectively to reduce swelling, itching, and redness.

4. Beneficial for the mind

Manuka essential oil also has benefits relieve various complaints relating to minds such as stress and anxiety. According to experts, manuka oil has a soothing effect and stimulate relaxation in mind.

Like many other essential oils, manuka is a natural alternative to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. While there are no guarantees 100%, there is a chance of essential oils will work effectively without side effects.

5. The manuka essential oil benefits for skin

Manuka Essential Oil Benefits
Manuka essential oil skin benefits

Manuka essential oil effectively used to heal damaged skin and scarring. This useful essential oils treat acne because of the antibacterial and healing properties of the skin. Manuka oil can promote the growth and regeneration of new cells. Manuka oil is also found to be useful in the fight against impetigo.

6. Relieve Allergy

Manuka essential oil used to relieve allergic reactions triggered by pollen, dust or pet fur. Then, simply apply the manuka oil into any area of skin that reacts to allergens or diffusion around the house.

7. Manuka essential oil benefits as anti-dandruff

Dandruff usually caused by lack of moisture or oil on the scalp. However, manuka essential oil solves this problem by helping to balance the level of the oil on the scalp. Also, it against any infections on the scalp.

To treat dandruff, add 2 or 3 drops of manuka essential oil to the shampoo and wash as usual. Alternatively, you can mix 2 drops of manuka essential oil with one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.

8. Deodorant

Manuka essential oil can work as a deodorant body. Add 3 or 4 drops of manuka essential oil on body wash to shower or add 5 or 6 drops in the bath and let oil seep into the body. Then, apply the manuka essential oil on your feet to help reduce foot odor and stem any fungal infection on the feet and toes.

9. Manuka essential oil benefits for respiratory system problems

Inhalation of manuka essential oil can help treat a variety of respiratory problems. You can diffusion this essential oils safely whenever needed. Also, you can add a few drops into hot water and breathe in the steam for five minutes or more.