Mahogany Seeds Health Benefits

Mahogany Seeds Health Benefits
Mahogany Seeds Health Benefits

The mahogany trunk is often utilized for making furniture. However, did you know that besides to the timber, mahogany seed also has benefits to health? Then what are the mahogany seeds health benefits? Following this review.

Mahogany seeds compounds

Mahogany seeds contain the variety of compounds that can give a good impact on the body. The seeds of the mahogany contain 3 major compounds that good for the body. The third of these compounds are:

A. Flavonoids

Flavonoids are very beneficial to the health of the human body because it is an antioxidant. The antioxidant can ward off free radicals and toxins. Also, it can help boost the immune system.

B. Saponins

Compounds of saponin used to treat diabetes mellitus. The hypoglycemic effect of saponin believed stronger than the antidiabetic medicines. As well as various other benefits besides to the treatment of diabetes.

C. Alkaloids

Most of the benefits from the seeds the alkaloid content of due mahogany. However, the alkaloids are effective for detoxification and prevent oxidation in the body.

Mahogany seeds health benefits

The following benefits of mahogany seed for health:

1. Increase the body’s Resistance

The first mahogany seeds health benefits increase the durability of the body. This is because mahogany seeds contain a variety of vitamins that effective in preventing various diseases.

2. Launch the blood circulation

The mahogany seeds containing flavonoids that beneficial in helping launch the blood circulation. It means of reducing levels of cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood vessels, as well as his ability to ward off free radicals.

3. Control blood sugar levels

Furthermore, there are a mahogany seed benefits for diabetes. The seeds of mahogany have the ability as an astringent that can help precipitate the proteins in the intestinal mucous membrane. Then, it forms a special coating that can protect the colon. So, it can hinder the increase of glucose in the blood.

4. Mahogany seeds health benefits to resolve skin allergies

Properties of antifungal and astringent owned mahogany seed could overcome the skin problems. You can use it internally or mix with a mahogany seed powder. Then, apply on part of the skin that is experiencing the symptoms of allergies.

5. Reduce Pain when Menstruation

Mahogany seeds various essential minerals which can reduce the menstruation pain. So, if the chemical pills consume compared to relieve the pain, which has possible side effects, the mahogany has no side effects.

6. Mahogany seeds health benefits to maintain heart health

The content of flavonoids found in the seeds of mahogany can serve to increase blood circulation. Mahogany seed also contains saponins which are very useful for heart health. The combination of both these compounds can assist in maintaining and improving the health of the heart.

7. Keep your Digestive Health

The mahogany seeds health benefits can launch the digestion. This is because a compound contained in a mahogany seed can help smooth the process of metabolism. So, the bowel movements became more regular.

8. Help increase weight

Basically, you can increase your weight by consuming healthy food more than usual. Besides that, you can try to use mahogany seeds as supplements to help increase your weight.

How to consume mahogany?

Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water before you consume the seeds of mahogany to cleanse the digestive system. Then, you can chew it first and then thrash with water. You can take both before and after a meal.

Mahogany seeds side effects

Essentially a mahogany seed will be safe when consumed regularly, and enough to consume 1 fruit seeds per day. This is to avoid the intake of flavonoids and saponins.

Excessive saponins will cause gallstones.
Advised to get no intake of flavonoids over 200 mg.

Because of the lack of information on the side effects of the seed of mahogany. Then, it is advisable to consult in advance with your health if you want to use mahogany seed as a treatment.