Kitchen Fire Suppression System

kitchen fire suppression system
Kitchen hood fire suppression system

What is kitchen fire suppression system? In fact, the material that led to the fire divided into several diverse classifications. The fire category divided into 5 types, also an additional one more caused by the presence of electrical power. While for fires resulting in the kitchen, it called fire in class K.

To tackle the fires, then before you determine the proper kitchen fire suppression system, you should understand the label in the fire extinguishers. Because from there you will know a class where fires could be solved by a fire extinguisher. Because, when you put out the fire using extinguishers which do not comply with the class, it will make you become hard to extinguish the fire.

Kitchen fire suppression system components

The actual elements used for kitchen fire suppression system is various. Where the General often using the material in the form of liquid. As for the category, actually caused the fire in the kitchen with the class K also put on the class B fires, which may occur due to flammable liquids.

However, by doing all of the practices, it turns out that the tools from the class B not being able to resolve the problem this fire completely. Thus, using kitchen fire suppression system to put out the fire in the kitchen is better.

Class K fire materials

Here some of the liquid that comes from the class K could lead to the occurrence of fires:

Pig oil
Vegetable oil
Safflower oil
Corn oil
Canola oil
Olive oil
Bacon fat

How does a kitchen fire suppression system work

The following is a typical use of kitchen fire suppression system that can differentiate with the other fire extinguishers:

These extinguishers have a hood/cover is used to prevent the spread of fire by closing the course of oxygen and extinguish the fire when the fire still small. For example, the fire still as big as a frying pan.

Kitchen fire suppression system components often contain wet chemicals. Where this material will work using the saponification system that will interfere with the existence of a liquid material to reaction to fire. And after that, this material will turn it into such as oil or fats such as SOAP.

Furthermore, the substance of it would work by absorbing the heating temperature of the fire. After that, it will wipe out all the elements that can trigger the fire.

Well, it is important to understand a few things related to the correct use of kitchen fire suppression system in the kitchen area. Also, you can be safer when wearing it in the kitchen area, without resulting in the occurrence of things that not desired. For example, such as the occurrence of larger fires again. As a result of wrong fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Therefore, we recommend that you understand the kitchen fire suppression system requirements above.

Kitchen space from residential buildings, industrial buildings or to commercial buildings has to equipped with kitchen fire suppression system. Also, make sure all staff of the building ever trained fire simulation. So, when the natural fires occur at any time, they can put out the fires.