Keratin Treatment for Thin Hair

keratin treatment for thin hair
Keratin straightening treatment for thin hair
Keratin was instrumental in keeping your hair to keep it healthy and shiny. Added age and lifestyle, can lead to the production of keratin in the body decreases. As a result, hair becomes thin, damaged, and unruly. To overcome this, some people try to do the keratin treatment for thin hair. Such care can make your hair thicker and easy setup.

What is keratin treatment for thin hair?

Keratin is a protein naturally contained in hair. Not only in the hair, keratin also on tooth and nail. Keratin is what role to maintain the health of your hair.
However, as you get older and often your hair styling tools are also exposed to chemical substances. Then, the amount of keratin in the hair will reduce. It could even disappear completely when the hair has been in-bleaching. This treatment has a function to repair damaged hair and makes hair look thicker, shinier, and easy to set up.

Why choose the keratin treatment for thin hair?

Keratin treatment for thin hair will get you the hair that is easy to set up and thicker than before. So you don’t need hair products made from chemicals like hairspray for styling your hair. You also do not need to arrange your hair using a hair straightener because your hair will look more straight after doing this treatment.
Keratin hair treatment process by using artificial keratin will make the thin hair so soft, and thicker than before. Also, the layer of keratin serves to protect the hair shaft, your hair spared from sun and pollution.

The process of keratin treatment for thin hair

Hair keratin treatment is done by applying liquid keratin starting from the scalp to the hair shaft. Of course, before doing these treatments, the hair washed clean in advance. After that, let the liquid keratin seep into your hair for about 20 minutes.
Then the hair dried and hair straightening process using iron heaters. This treatment will take approximately 90 minutes or adapted to how long your hair is.
After you have finished doing this treatment, you are not allowed to wash your hair for three to four days. Because this can prevent the keratin to absorb and working optimally. You should consult first with the experts before you try to do this treatment.

How long does the keratin smoothing treatment for thin hair will survive?

Hair care it will last about two and a half months. Indeed shorter than the hair straightening process from other chemicals. But, this hair keratin treatment claimed to be safer for your hair.
We recommend that you consult with your dermatologist before you do this treatment. Especially if you have psoriasis or seborrhoeic dermatitis.
You’ve probably heard about the formaldehyde in the salon keratin products. Formaldehyde has associated with health problems, especially for people who work with it. Health concern about formaldehyde in the product is all about keratin salon workers. Also, it is not for people who get keratin treatment for thin hair.

How much formaldehyde that is present in this product?

Certainly vary, depending on the type of product. Offered from the WebMD, most of the companies that issued the keratin care products using safe levels.