Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair

Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair
Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair

Find keratin treatment for curly hair difficult given that these products can be very expensive. In this article, I will tell you a little about keratin treatment for curly hair and where you can get one for yourself at a discounted price.

Keratin treatment for curly hair reviews

Keratin hair treatment is an advanced technique used for hair straightening that chemical free. Hair care is ideal for those who have curly hair and frizzy, as it provides moisture and shimmer their hair so that it looks much healthier.

Long does it take usually depends on the thickness of the hair. For some, the session can last an hour, while others can take up to 5 hours. Keratin treatment for curly hair usually lasts up to 5 months depending on how often you wash your hair. What’s so great about this treatment is that you don’t need to style too much after washing your hair. The hair remains straight and smooth.

It is suitable for all types of hair including color treated hair.

Effects of keratin hair color-treated to wonderful in that it adds protein to the hair shaft, making the hair soft and minimal damage. And another good thing, you can also select a color for the hair to straighten that will enhance the appearance of your hair and shine.

The cost of this procedure can be expensive. However, you can save money by buying products and do it yourself at home. This keratin treatment for curly hair is well worth the investment since conditions and see your hair then will be priceless.

How keratin treatment for curly hair?

Keratin hair straightening work with break the disulfide bonds in the hair curly and resetting them so straight hair. This done in three stages: recline, offset and conditioning. Depending on the treatment, reclining, offset and conditioning agents combined into one cocktail. Also, the hair that arranged with a blow dryer or a straightening iron, but these are the chemical components:

The first ties need to break down. It’s called ‘ relaxed ‘ and be done with chemicals containing base, Alkali base so that they change the nature of things proteins. It is meaning they change how proteins fold into itself. Lye designed to perform a controlled amount of damage: just enough to break up the curls but not so much to break the hair. When the desired number of cleaned keratin damage done.

The second step is to restore the pH balance of the hair. Because the basic alkali, acid Neutralizer will put on to stop the chemical process. At this period, the hair will be straight, but very complex. The next process is to implement a conditioner that will repair bleached hair and guard your hair against damage.

Where can I buy cheap keratin treatment for curly hair?

Keratin products can be expensive. However, there are a few places online that they offer some pretty low prices. Online merchants are able to offer these products for less because they usually hold the larger share of retail equipment.