IBS Symptoms in Women

ibs symptoms in women
IBS symptoms in women

Irritable bowel syndrome in women refers to a condition that characterized by stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating as well. Although the etiology is not clear, IBS in women has attributed to stress, hormonal changes, and diseases such as infectious diarrhea, etc. Then, what are IBS symptoms in women?

All these factors disrupt the rhythm of the movement of chyme from the stomach through the intestinal tract into the rectum. So, this causes the colon to move content in a manner that is not normal. Chyme may move too quickly, or can not move at all. However, the primary concern is not increasing condition or severe and can easily manage.

What are IBS symptoms in women?

IBS symptoms in women can vary widely and range from mild to extreme. IBS involving abdominal pain plus alter bowel movement. Pain and bowel movement can take many forms. Here are some of the most common IBS symptoms in women:

Anxiety or depression
Abdominal pain
Digestive disorders
Excessive gas
Loss of appetite

Women with IBS often have triggers that bring on these symptoms. But many foods can be a trigger. The physician added that greasy food could increase colonic contractions so that their courage that is super sensitive can respond more dramatic it is.

IBS symptoms in women triggered and worsened by menstruation, though the reasons why are not entirely clear. The exact cause of IBS symptoms in women is unknown, although several factors seem to play a role.

The contractions in the intestine are too strong or too weak might be to blame. Though the reasons of the problem muscle unknown. Other diseases, such as bad indigestion channels correlated signals between the brain and abdomen, could force the digestive process broken.

Experts also believe that intestinal bacteria play a role. Several studies are currently looking at how probiotics can be used to treat IBS symptoms in women, especially the kind that causes diarrhea, but it is hard to say one treatment can work on the Board because of our abdomens so individually.

 How to manage IBS symptoms in women?

Several times, IBS can control through diet change. If the IBS cause diarrhea, the doctor will usually put you on a low-FODMAP diet to determine what foods may be triggering to you. FODMAPs is carbohydrates that all of us eat every day, but people do not have enzymes that break down they are perfect. They are not digested in the small pipe so that they pass to the colon where bacteria begin their fermentation and produce gas.

A low-FODMAP diet intended to help women determine which foods are triggers of IBS so that women can avoid them in the future and reduce the symptoms dramatically. If constipation is a problem, add more fiber to your diet or medications such as stool softeners can help. Antidepressants also used to modulate the activity of nerves in the intestines and make it less sensitive to absolute pressure.