How to Use Oil Diffuser?

How to use oil diffuser
How to use oil diffuser?

How to use oil diffuser? Diffusing essential oils is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the aromatherapy. However, if you are new users and wondering how to use essential oil diffuser, read this article. The most utilized kind of diffuser for essential oils today is the ultrasonic diffuser. Then, how to use it?

How to use oil diffuser?

1. Place the bottle on a flat surface and stay away from sources of heat.
2. Move the perforated cover and the small cover. Then, remove the axis of Catalytic Burner
3. Fill the bottle with oil as needed
4. Enter the axis of the Catalytic Burner into the bottle. Then, let oil seep at the axis of about 20 minutes
5. Make sure the wick at the correct position, then turn on the Catalytic Burner with a match. Then, do not close with a perforated cover. After 2-3 minutes, turn off the heat until it turns off and the lid with the perforated cover. Enjoy the aroma for 25-40 minutes, just enough for the room covering an area of 30-40 meter square
6. If you want to stop, remove the perforated cover then close the cover.
7. After that the covering lid with the perforated cover.


1. Replacement of the axis (catalytic burner) once a year or 200 times usage
2. Keep out of reach of children

After use cleaning procedure

1. Unplug before cleaning your diffuser.
2. Pour water from the rear diffuser to avoid spilling on the operation switch.
3. Clean the inside of the water tank and the outer diffuser with a small amount of neutral detergent.
4. Avoid using any harsh cleaners on your diffuser.
5. Rinse and dry.
6. Use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove chip ultrasonic fog found in the water tank.

Treatment Of Axis

After we know ” how to use oil diffuser” will be better if we know the axis treatment. Here are:

1. With the tip of the scissors open the axis clamp
2. Remove the wick from the head of the Catalytic Burner
3. Cut the part that charred at positions a bit tilted and then re-insert the wick into the head of the Catalytic Burner and pinches back the axis

Some Advanced Tips

How to use oil diffuser
How to use oil diffuser humidifier?

1. If burner/diffuser cannot be turned on

The possibilities are:
1. Use too much of the essential oils of sandalwood: larger molecule inhibits the ends of the burner.
2. Small cover less tightly so moisture can get to the ends of the burner
3. The essential oil is empty while the small cover not closed properly. Then, it resulting in blockage.

The solution:
1. Soak burners in essential oils before it ignited.
2. Remove the axis and wire, and then soak burners in essential oils for a day to relieve the blockage.
3. If the burner cannot be turned on because the essential oil is empty. So, cut a piece of charred/burnt fuse then reassembled.

4. Advice people the right step “how to use oil diffuser”

2. Smoke from diffuser

The possibilities are:
1. The small cover is not closed properly.
2. Too much use sandalwood essential oils.

The solution:
Turn it on again the burner for 15 minutes, so the smoke will disappear.

3. Fire Flared briefly and off by itself

The possibilities are:
1. The axis is too high.
2. The axis is too low.
3. Wind gusts of AIR CONDITIONING.
4. The lack of a period of warming up, the fire blown before 2 minutes.

The solution:
Cover with a small cover, let cool briefly and then adjust the location of the fuse and turn it on again.

4. Cause dizziness-dizziness, headache or nausea

1. Incorrect usage: axis already scorched or unheated burner at the right temperature. Also, people don’t know “how to use oil diffuser”

Other factors:

1. Someone with a disease such as anemia, migraine, and high blood pressure.
2. The discomfort will increase the anion oxygen and all a sudden.
3. Allergy to fragrances.

The solution:
1. Follow the instructions “how to use oil diffuser”.
2. Use a softer scent for allergy sufferers. It likes angelica essential oil.