How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating?

how to stop excessive underarm sweating
How to permanently stop excessive underarm sweating?

Do you suffer from excessive underarm sweat and tired of all the signs of wet in blouse and shirt, are you? Do you want to know how to stop excessive underarm sweating once and for all? Then use this simple technique to help you with this problem.

Here are some home remedies you can use to stop your excessive sweating, no more stains left on your shirts and blouses, no other embarrassing odor that makes you not want to go out anywhere. Let’s knowing causes of underarm sweating before we learn how to stop excessive underarm sweating.

What causes underarm sweating?

Genetic predisposition is the main reason for this condition. Sweat, by nature, does not smell. The causes the smell is the presence of bacteria. Lack of hygiene may also be the reason for excessive underarm sweat. The bath is not right and keeps the underarm washed, resulting in over the sweaty underarm. It observed that wear nylon, silk, and other clothes also cause this condition. Hyperhidrosis can not stopped altogether if this is due to genetic reasons, but it definitely can be reduced to a level.

How to stop excessive underarm sweating secrets with medical care?

Antiperspirant commercially available based on the chemical was found to be very effective. If one experiences excessive underarm sweat, antiperspirant unsatisfied sub-standard. Choose the one that is of high quality.


Botox injections block sweat pores. Someone should take almost 20 different doses per treatment. Often, the injection is painful and requires the intake of painkillers. One must repeat the treatment every four months. The effectiveness of injecting Botox for treating this condition not confirmed.

Because medical care coupled with certain side effects, it is better to choose some natural ways to cure this problem.

How to stop excessive underarm sweating secrets with home remedies?

Lemon juice
Apply lemon juice on your armpits before bed. This fruit will reduce the sweat and smell bad. Lemon juice is the most efficient home remedies.

Tomato pulp
Spread the tomato paste in the armpits and let it stay there for 15 minutes. Wash underarms, with plenty of water. Do this every day to get positive results in a few weeks time.

Walnut and Eucalyptus leaves
Grind the walnuts and eucalyptus leaves and mixes them well to make a paste. Then apply on the armpits to reduce sweat and odor.

Sage tea
Consuming a cup of Sage tea daily to stop underarm sweat.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is a good absorptive of moisture. Make a solution of baking soda with water and add 2-3 drops of essential oils such as lavender

Aluminum chloride
Creating solutions with both ingredients in the same amounts. Then apply on the underarm daily, before bedtime, to treat this condition.

Following the way which may prove useful. For their purpose, one needs to clean and free of hair. Therefore, one should wash and shave their underarm regularly to get the best results.