How to recharge fire extinguisher?

how to recharge fire extinguisher
How to recharge fire extinguisher?

How to recharge fire extinguisher is a task that should give to a qualified firefighter. Dry chemical fire extinguishers are most common in a United States country. However, with the right tools and materials, how to recharge a dry chemical fire extinguisher can relatively easy.

1. First, you must discharge fire extinguisher thoroughly. Do this by pressing the handles together until all the element removed and the container feels light.

2. Clean and inspect the tube container before charging. Make sure that all parts are not clogged and are in working order. Use regular soap to clean if necessary. Then, Dry the container thoroughly with clear stuff.

3. Remove the canister by extracting the head where the handle is extortion.

How to recharge fire extinguisher?

1. Pour the dry chemical agent replenishment to the container using a channel that placed into the container. General dry chemicals including sodium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate, and potassium bicarbonate.

2. Continue to fill the tube with the ingredients until a predetermined level is reached, either with the details of the package or a line drawn on the tube Department itself.

3. Screw the top back to the fire service and cover tightly.

4. Attach the engine pressure for firefighting and starting engine.

5. Give air pressing the fire extinguisher container to dial reading in the Green level.

6. Fire place back into the holder on the wall or cabinets correctly. It is now ready for use in case of emergency.

How to recharge fire extinguisher with water element?

The next tips are for water extinguisher. Here we start with a fire extinguisher that has emptied or exhausted. It indicated by three factors:
1. The gauge shows at no cost or pressure
2. Weight/water discharge
3. By pushing on the handle, there is no substance has discarded

The tools you need for process how to recharge fire extinguisher:
1. rubber hammer
2. Tang grip
3. 11 mm wrench to measure
4. Thread tape
5. 9 liters of water.

How to recharge fire extinguisher procedure?

1. Tap handle joins to loosen the handle of fabric bottle.

2. Continue to rotate the handle in the movement participated to separate.

3. Remove the valve and comes from a bottle left empty cylinder.
Note: If there is still water in the barrel, empty containers before proceeding to the next step

4. Shown on the front of the barrel will be measuring how much water should the cylinder continues.

5. Replace the valve and rotate the top clockwise

6. Gently press the back of the head of herb ensures that the measuring lines in front face of the cylinder

7. The back of the head you will find a valve like a standard bicycle. Then remove the cap

8. Now you can use this regular air pressure pump. But keep in mind that you need at least 700 Kpa of pressure. Then, apply pressure to the valve opened

9. Continue this until the full green arrow. This pressure can achieve using nitrogen, but the safety should always consider when using Nitrogen

10. Check any leaks either lose pressure indicated by the gauge or a bubble around the head and neck of the bottle. If the pressure holds then happy days

11. Replace the safety pin and tie, and container fully charged ready to fight another fire.

Tips and warnings for How to recharge fire extinguisher procedure

1. Wear gloves to secure from any possible spill of chemicals dry. Even though they are dry, they still can probably harm you. Latex examination gloves, kitchen gloves, gardening gloves, anything will do.

2. Local firefighters often recharge fire extinguishers for free, check it to see if they offer this service.

3. Be sure to read the instructions on the particular material you use and be aware of the safety measures that should take.

4. Do not mix chemicals with each other if using more than one. Keep it in a separate box and close it completely before moving on to the next one. Mixing can cause undesired effects notwithstanding the fumes, spills, side effects, and more.