How Much is Botox Around The Eyes?

how much is botox around the eyes
How much is Botox around the eyes?

How much is Botox around the eyes? A Botox specialist charges Botox in two ways, by unit and area. Price per unit varies from one location to another. Thus, prices range between 10 dollars and 21 dollars. The amount of Botox needed to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes about 10 units. Each eye most likely to receive 5 units.

How much is Botox around the eyes?

Thus, in calculating the total cost of injections around the eyes, you multiply the number of units and the total per unit. For example, you multiply 10 units with 20 bucks. You will have to pay 200 dollars. The cost of Botox for the eyes vary from one location to another depending on the following factors:

People who carry out treatment

Dermatologists who have greater knowledge of Anatomy of the facial muscles more expensive to the injection of Botox. Less experienced doctors and new in the field of medicine will cost cheaper than the expert. But, the injection will succeed as well as conducted by the doctors. The success of Botox injections determined by doctors skills administering the injection.

The location

The location you specify the amount you will pay for Botox injections. Find a doctor who will be able to do Botox injection success with low cost. Now, we know the answer of question about How much is Botox around the eyes based on location.

The treated area

Large surface areas need more units from the smaller area, you will pay more especially by doctors who charge a fee per unit.

The reputation and how much is Botox for around the eyes?

Doctors and clinics that have a high reputation for Botox injections will affect How much is Botox around the eyes because they are known for a successful treatment.


To treat wrinkles under the eyes, the doctor will inject between 1 and 3 Botox diluted with saline into the muscles under your eyes. You may feel mild to moderate discomfort during injection. Botox can take anywhere from seven to 14 days to take full effect, although you can see the difference in your under eye area as a few days.

Considerations How much is Botox around the eyes

According to the United States Dermatologist, a doctor had to inject only a small amount of Botox in the lower area of the eye to treat wrinkles. Too much Botox can cause drooping eyelids down for a while but in the way it looks. The specialist also warned that Botox is not likely a good choice for people with significant fat under the eyes.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the FDA said some people may experience serious side effects. Difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing, constipation and many other.

While this problem more common in people who seek treatment for muscle problems than cosmetic. If you receive an injection of Botox and experiencing these difficulties, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

Common side effects

The regular Botox side effects include bruising at Botox injections area, fatigue, and headache. While rare, there is always the danger that could spread beyond the place of Botox injections. To avoid this, the specialist advises that you avoid rubbing the affected area after Botox treatment.