How Many Units of Dysport for Forehead?

How Many Units of Dysport for Forehead
How Many Units of Dysport for Forehead?

How many units of Dysport for forehead? As the specialist say “The relative strength of Botox to Dysport considered to be around 2-4.” So, they cannot use in similar doses. Further, Dysport more diffuse than Botox. It means that treat one part of the face with Dysport will have wider effects rather than treating the same section with Botox.

This is not always better or worse-what it means is that Botox injection and Dysport have different applications. We have no evidence that meaningful Dysport lasts longer than Botox. However, it seems that Dysport kicking faster and some people really like this distinction. Both these products share the similarities are important. But, we must be careful in distinguishing them as well.

Dysport and Botox

Don’t forget that if you if your physician uses Dysport, then the number of units will be different. This will be approximately 3 times higher than with Botox or Xeomin, only a third as strong as Botox. When given in measures appropriate studies have indicated that Dysport as effective as Botox. So ask your physician about dosage total they plan to use. If it’s much less or more than the amount of the above-mentioned areas for frown lines and forehead.

How many units of Dysport for forehead?

The number of Dysport that required depending on each specific patient and some people have a wider forehead and it will need more product. The number of required also depends on the size of the underlying muscles that contribute to the appearance of stripes. The larger areas appear, the more Dysport needed to relax the tissues.

Generally, the vertical line only needs to be between the 50-65 unit at a woman. Also, 25-40 units to treat horizontal lines again these numbers all depends on several factors. The factor including population density tissue and the size of the area being treated.

Do I need Botox or Dysport for cosmetic facial surgery?

Your therapy will depend on the decisions of your personal consultation. Choose a specialist with extensive experience in treating facial with Botox product for best results. Very subtle differences in the therapy make the different results.

Also, the experience guide physicians in making a decision of therapy. While new products have the disadvantage of short track records, a physician with a high skill level will know how to best apply the new product. Also, when it is preferable to use a leading brand.

Dysport packaged differently

Dysport came in a bottle carrying 300 units. However, you need more units of Dysport to give the same degree of correction compared with Botox. Most people think it is about 2 to 2.5 Dysport per unit of Botox. That means that about 300 units of Dysport are equal to 120-150 units of Botox.

But, you can rearrange the products with varying quantities of saline. Put 4 Sabir to the 100 unit vial made it 25 units per cc; put 2 Sabir in making it 50 units per cc. put 3 CC’s into bottle 300 units of Dysport make 100 units per cc, which would be equivalent to 40-50 units of Botox.

What you need to know is how many units of Dysport for forehead-not how many areas are being “treated” or how much “syringe” is being used.