How Many Units of Botox

how many units of Botox
How many units of Botox do i need

If we decide to talk to a cosmetic consultant about getting Botox, you’ll always have some questions, like; “How many units of Botox I need to treat various types of wrinkles on my face?” Several people think that all Botox injections are the same. But in fact, different amounts required for many wrinkles, especially when you consider where they face and their sharpness.

If we are accepting Botox injections, which acts to decrease the presence of wrinkles by deadening facial muscles nerves. So they no longer contract, understand different units of how many units of Botox you will need to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How many units of Botox do we need?

Most of the bottles contain 100 units of Botox. Which is then broken down into smaller units when they pulled into the injection needle. Some factors should suppose knowing how many units of Botox we need. Usually, people need two or three more units per treatment than women. Especially in the Glabella, in which a man muscles may be stronger.

When we are considering Botox Cosmetic, can be a bit daunting average cost per unit and try to assess how much you will need. While the exact amount of Botox can only determine in consultation with specialists, so how many units of Botox we need for exactly?

The specialist says there are 20 units allowed by the FDA for the elevens or frown lines as we call it. It will consist of five injection sites, but many patients just have 12 units in 3 injection site.The average dose is around the eyes 12-24 units total. It consists of 12 units per eye which consist of 3 sites of injection with four units each of the sites. Forehead lines: the Horizontal line on the forehead injected on lines of the Glabella. Every patient is different. The specialist usually adds around 8-20 units.

If you are considering Botox budget, keep in mind that one of the units of Botox can cost anywhere from $16-$13 and that some treatments may take up to 24 units, especially around the eyes. While these costs may vary from surgeon to surgeon, it is important to remember that Botox is not a very cheap option to get rid of wrinkles.

How many units of Botox should we buy?

This choice is the decision of the individual that will vary from person to person. Which is how it is crucial that you get your Botox injection from a specialist. Only a Botox specialist who can give an accurate assessment of how many units of Botox you will need.To ensure that you get the pure Botox units available and to keep yourself safe, working with Your Botox specialist and don’t be afraid to ask about her experience with administering Botox. Find out how it operates and how it measured Botox will help you make the best decision possible regarding their use.

Where is the Botox injected?

Your Botox specialist will determine how many units of Botox you need for therapy and where they will inject. Places that are most common to Botox injected on the forehead, Glabella, around the eyes. And around the mouth. The Glabella regularly take the most units of Botox to treat. While other therapy usually takes about 2 to 8 units to handle. Depending on how powerful the muscles in the area. Your Botox specialist will help you decide which Botox will give the best result.

How long does Botox last unit?

While not all Botox patients reach the same result. For many people, the last unit of Botox about three to four months before their effects decreased. Keep in mind that how many units of Botox were needed to treat the region. The harder it’s going to hold the muscles that much stronger of a contract.