How Long do Botox Side Effects Last?

how long do botox side effects last
How long do Botox side effects last?

How long do Botox side effects last? Actually, this Botox injection must do by a person who is already an expert and professional. But, because most people want instant results with a cheap price, so the result is not good. The FDA allows the injection of Botox procedure done in some parts of the body like on the lips, the tip of the lips, forehead, etc.

How long do Botox side effects last?

This Botox injection is not completely safe because there are side effects that harm your health. Very inappropriate if you want an instant beautiful but quite dangerous. There indeed some people who succeed in injecting Botox, but there is also a fail. There are a variety of causes, but the main cause of the failure was due to do not correspond to the correct procedure.

Here some Botox injection side effects and how long do Botox side effects last?

1. It may cause allergic reactions

Some people showed an allergic reaction as it passes through the process of injecting Botox. Some allergic reactions appearing was itching, redness, asthma, dizziness, etc. Systemic symptoms extraordinary happens after Botox lost after a few hours to a few days.

2. If you have asthma or shortness of breath after a Botox injection, then it is advisable to immediately consume the drug has given doctor. But better you immediately consult a physician to address the matter.

3. Can lead to swelling of the skin
If you have sensitive skin types, then chances are you can experience a little pain and swelling on the skin after it injected.

4. Can cause the eyes become glazed
If you do inject Botox on the forehead, eyebrows, and around the eyes, then normally your eyelids will drop so that the eyes look glazed.

5. Can cause frequent urination
By doing Botox injection can cause the urethra to become more active. So that makes us want to always pee at any time. How long do Botox side effects last? Don’t worry, it is only last in few hour to one day.

6. Can cause flu symptoms

There are some people who experience flu symptoms a week after injecting Botox, most of them experienced fever, headache, and body aches. Flu symptoms following Botulinum toxin reported like them with any drug listed in the PDR. However, it should not be 4 months as the majority must dissipate at the moment. See your doctor to find other causes might be.

7. Can lead to a sinus infection
Botox syringe can also lead to a sinus infection, and it gets worse again can contribute to continuous headaches so head into feels heavy. But don’t worry it will last for few days.

8. It can cause respiratory tract infections
Respiratory tract infection is one of the side effects injecting Botox ever experienced by some people, although rare. You will feel crowded and had difficulty breathing. How long do Botox side effects last? It will last for few days.

If you want to inject Botox, avoid injecting Botox on clinic whose reputation still in doubt. Choose clinic with their skilled and professional doctor. Actually pretty naturally did better, as well as how to whiten skin.