How does Radiation Work?

how does radiation work
How does radiation work on tumors?

How does radiation work? Radiation therapy is the application of different forms of radiation to effectively treat cancer and other illnesses. The radiation Oncology can use radiation to treat cancer, to relieve symptoms, and to control the growth of cancer.

Radiation works by destroying cells. Healthy cells can repair themselves, whereas tumor cells do not. The new procedure also allows specialists to better to target radiation to protect healthy cells.

How does radiation work?

Sometimes, how does radiation work is the only therapy needs of the patient? At other times, it is only one part of patient care. For example, cervical cancer and prostate cancer often treated with radiation treatment alone, while a woman with breast cancer treated with chemotherapy and surgery. Also, most women get radiation therapy.

Radiation also used to make primary responsibility more powerful. For example, you treated with radiation therapy before an operation to help narrow the tumor and allow less general surgery than would otherwise be necessary, or you treated with radiation after surgery to destroy a small amount of cancer that may have abandoned.

Radiation oncologists may choose to use radiation therapy in many different ways. Sometimes the goal is to treat the tumor. In this case, how does radiation work used to:

1. Destroy the tumors do not spread to other parts of your body.
2. Reduce the risk that tumor will return after you undergo cryosurgery or chemotherapy by killing a small number of tumors that might remain.

Sometimes, the overall purpose is to slow down the tumor as much as possible. In other cases, the goal is to reduce the symptoms caused by tumor growth and improve the quality of your life. When radiation therapy applied for this faith, it called palliative care. In this example, radiation used to:

1. Shrink the tumor that interferes with your quality of life, such as lung tumors that cause conciseness of breath.
2. Reduce pain by decreasing the size of the tumor.

It is essential for you to discuss your purposes of healing with radiation oncologists who you are.

Radiation treatment often used with other cancer therapies. Here are some examples:
1. Radiation therapy and surgery
Radiation administered before, during or after surgery. Specialists can use radiation to shrink the size of the tumor before surgery, or they can use radiation after surgery to kill any residual cancer cells. Sometimes, radiation treatment has given during surgery so that it can be sent directly to the location of cancer after the tumor removed. It’s called intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).
2. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy
Radiation administered before, after or during chemotherapy. How does radiation work can narrow the tumor? So that chemotherapy more powerful. After chemotherapy, radiation therapy used to kill cancer cells that are left.