How does Botox work?

how does botox work
How does Botox work on muscles?

How does Botox work? The actual Botox not the chemical name that gets injected. Also, It was the first brand of botulinum toxin type A used for anti-wrinkle injections. People use the “Botox” as a generic name for Botulinum toxin.

Then, How does Botox work?

Botox is one of the most toxic substances known to human. Scientists have estimated that one gram could kill as many as 1 million people. In high concentrations, botulinum toxin can cause botulism, a disease that severe, life threatening. Botulism left untreated, can lead to respiratory failure and death. Although a highly toxic botulinum toxin, Botox is in huge demand. Nevertheless, Botox has proven to be powerful and valuable therapeutic proteins.

Botox injected into people in little concentration and work by preventing signals from nerve cells to reach the muscle, therefore disabling them. Use for muscles to contract, Acetylcholine, nerves release a chemical messenger, at the junction where nerve endings meet muscle cells. Acetylcholine receptor on cells attached to the muscle cells and causes muscle cells to contract or shorten.

The Botox injection inhibits the release of Acetylcholine, through restricting contraction of tissue cells. Then, Botox causes a decrease of the abnormal muscle contractions, providing the muscle to become less rigid.

How to Pick a Botox therapy?

If we know how does Botox work for wrinkles, we should consider when deciding where to get your Botox done. Major elements of the results you get from Botox to do with the skill of the specialist. Also, the results depend on how much gets injected, which injected, what types of techniques used, etc.

There are many brands of botulinum toxin types available. In addition to the original Botox, Dysport is botulinum toxin A. Xeomin pared down versions of botulinum toxin A that contains only an active part and has found to work well together as a full version, and just as safe. Myobloc is botulinum toxin B that few used for cosmetic treatments.

Botox is quite frail, so things like foaming, bubble, and shaking can affect how does Botox work. There is a debate about how long the diluted Botox solution will last in the fridge – estimates vary from day to 5 weeks. If we want best results, we should check with the Botox clinic and ask specialist all about Botox treatment and actually how does Botox work.

Side effects of Botox injections

Side effects of Botox injection including migraines, nausea, double vision and jaded. Injections with Botox well tolerated and there are a few side effects. In rare cases, an individual may have a genetic predisposition which resulted in mild, while the unusual response to the drug. About 1 percent of people who received injections of botulinum toxin type A developed antibodies against the toxin that makes following methods are not effective.

Along with the expected effects, Botox therapy can cause some unwanted effects. This condition can include:
The rash.
Mild local pain, edema, and Erythema
Mild nausea.
Dysphagia-difficulty swallowing.
The flu-like illness.
Gall bladder dysfunction.
Decreased vision.
Dry mouth.
The swelling.
Blurred vision.