How Does a Fire Extinguisher Work?

how does a fire extinguisher work
How does a fire extinguisher work?
How does a fire extinguisher work? Fire extinguishers very important for any home or Office area where fire can be a risk. In shopping malls, offices, theaters, and other places, you will see fire extinguishers fixed to the walls and fire exits. Fire extinguishers may be sitting on the wall for years, but they finally can save the lives of many people.

How does a fire extinguisher work?

Fire extinguishers contain chemicals which appropriate to tackle the fire. Fire results from the reaction of oxygen and certain types of fuels in the atmosphere, such as wood or gasoline. Something that will need very high temperatures to ignite the fire. Smoking, for example, is a very common cause of the fire.
When the fire starts burning, it can spread quickly. Some fire safety video shows that whole room can illuminate in just 70 seconds. There are many items that are flammable in the home or workplace. At home, you will see drapes, paper, wood and so on. In a business environment, you’ll also likely see many of the papers, as well as electric appliances, computers and stock items that are flammable. However, it is important to know How does a fire extinguisher work in the workplace.
The fire will continue to burn as long as there is enough fuel and oxygen to keep that from happening. The more in the line of fire, it’s possible to burn and cause a lot of damage.

How does a fire extinguisher work CO2?

Firemen work by removing at least one of the elements that need fire to survive. Of course, most people know that water needed to help put out the fire. However, this is often not enough when more established fire and also depends on the type of fire. Other popular types of fire extinguishers are pure carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher will form a gas in the atmosphere that is heavier than oxygen, thus leaving displaced oxygen and expel flame.
The most obvious difference between water and carbon dioxide extinguisher is a big, black, conical horns. It allowing the carbon dioxide gas to expand, fire, cool and freeze mixture turns into “snow” and the gas. The Horn designed to stop two major problems. It has the potential to allow CO2 to come out at high speeds.
Also, the snow that forms do not block it, and it must be a gas mix in a way that turbulent enough to stop him firing the air horns on fire. This design is typical of the patent by Brooks equipment in 1970 to solve both problems. I have added as a dye for clarity but followed the original numbering key piece.
Dry chemical is another popular type of fire extinguisher. Frequently used chemical is baking soda, which will start to produce around 150 ° f. When this thing, this carbon dioxide which can help to put out the fire.
A fire extinguisher cylinders solid metal, and when you press the lever on the upper part, work in the same way as an aerosol can. This will eliminate the chemistry fits over a fire at a very high pressure to attack the fire. The best that you aimed fire on the root fire or fuel sources for maximum effect. Now, we know how does a fire extinguisher work and we can choose the right one.