Hepatitis C Symptoms in Females

hepatitis c symptoms in females
Symptoms of hepatitis C in females

What are the hepatitis C symptoms in females? The liver is one of the body have six eliminative channels if you’re a woman. This part is the main organ in the body’s filtering and performs the function of more than 450. All the poison first counteracted or attacked by the liver. The liver does a great job of fighting the toxicity to get overwhelmed and allow materials that less toxic to pass into the body through the blood.

Hepatitis C symptoms in females

Females have no symptoms until the disease at a later stage. Women who have hepatitis C symptoms in females at an early stage may assign them to other symptoms such as menopause, anemia, and depression.

Early hepatitis C symptoms in females can include:

muscle and joint pain
poor appetite
stomach discomfort

Chronic hepatitis C symptoms in females such as:
Lost of weight
Small red veins on the skin
Confusion or trouble thinking
Swollen abdomen or ankles
That is more than the usual amount of time to stop bleeding

Who is at risk for hepatitis C?

Anyone can get hepatitis C is important for people at high risk of infections hepatitis C. Also, in the United States, you are at greater risk if you:
1. Have liver disease
2. Already been at kidney dialysis
3. Born to a mother who has hepatitis C
4. A veteran of the Viet Nam War
5. Ever used the same needle to inject
6. Have organ transplant before 1992
7. Contact with blood of hepatitis C or mucous membranes
8. Receive tattoos or body piercings
9. Have Hemophilia

The only way to know if you suffer from hepatitis c symptoms in females is testing your body.

How to take care of him?

If you have a chronic hepatitis C symptoms in females.Then, your specialist will check you for liver problems and may appoint medication to help control the disorder. However, hepatitis C medication can help:

Prevent liver damage
Remove the virus from the body
Chance to get cirrhosis of the liver cancer

Before starting the therapy, it is necessary to discuss your options with your liver specialist. Medicine for hepatitis C symptoms in females may not be for everyone. Some patients may not require treatment. Other patients may not be treatable because of other medical issues.
Fluid retention in the abdomen
Foot swelling
Itchy skin
Unexplained weight loss
Spider veins
Symptoms of chronic hepatitis C occurs in men and women, but the disease may develop more slowly in women. However, some women experience a rapid progression of infection and the liver damage after menopause.

Herbal hepatitis C treatment

Herbal treatment for hepatitis c symptoms in females include:
1. Milk Thistle seed
2. Dandelion root
3. Boldo leaf
4. Artichoke
5. Barberry
6. Oregon Grape root

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