Heart Attack Symptoms in Women Over 60

heart attack symptoms in women over 60
Heart attack symptoms in women over 60

February is national go red dedicated to teaching old women about the risks of heart attack symptoms in women over 60. Most importantly, it helps old women to learn how to reduce some but not all of these risk factors. Women over 60 yrs being at higher risk because of their age. A new study reveals that although some risk factors faced by a woman may not change and the present before he has even been born.

Symptoms of heart attack in women over 60

1. Pain in various parts
Pain in the jaw, shoulders, neck, and back can be very unpleasant. You may feel tightness or pressure in certain parts of it.

2. Chest pain
Age women over 60 may suffer from excruciating pain in the chest. They may experience a burning sensation and pressure in the chest.

3. Burning sensation in legs
Initial symptoms of heart attack symptoms in women over 60 is primarily a burning sensation in the legs.

4. Shortness of breath
You may feel difficulty in breathing and should exert more pressure for breathing.

5. Nausea
You may feel like vomiting along with pain in the stomach.

6. Dizziness
The patient felt like she would fall because of weakness in the body and headaches. Other heart attack symptoms in women over 60 include excessive sweating for no reason.

7. Increase heart rate
Heart rate the inherent shakiness is a common phenomenon during a heart attack because the heart strives to supply blood to the different parts of the body during the strike.

Heart attack symptoms in women over 60 can be fatal so call for help as soon as you see any related symptoms. This state is a general sign that caused due to other health complications, so it becomes critical to be very attentive and if you are at high risk.

Avoid foods high cholesterol because it can cause constriction of the arteries healthy proper diet, weight control and exercise regularly keep the heart healthy and stable.

Treatment for heart attack symptoms in women over 60

Therapy for heart attack will be very effective only if given in the golden hour and signs of a heart attack. What treatment only applies at the moment is to re-establish normal blood flow in the coronary arteries to maintain healthy functioning of the heart.

Even before the diagnosis confirmed, some care given if a heart attack is suspected. Here some heart attack care

Oxygen therapy
Aspirin is given to stop further blood clots.Nitroglycerin is given to reduce the workload of the heart and also to improve blood flow through the coronary arteries

After diagnosis, care provided includes:

1. Clot busting drugs: used to dilute the clot
2. Percutaneous coronary intervention – this treatment is also called coronary angioplasty. This action is the process that used to open clogged coronary arteries. This method is a non-surgical procedure.
3. Coronary artery bypass grafting -this is a surgical procedure.

What is the golden hour?

Gold times called for a critical moment where heart muscle began to die due to the rupture of the coronary arteries due to plaque deposition. Golden hour duration calculated as approximately 90 minutes after the heart muscle of oxygen-rich blood stops receiving. Emergency treatment given during the golden hour can save patients in most cases. The golden hour started an hour immediately after trauma has occurred.

What can we do at Gold?

It is critical to reaching hospital as soon as possible to remove the possibility of damage to the heart. If treatment delayed, it will probably cause damage to the affected part of the liver. Confirmation of diagnosis before heart attack symptoms in women over 60 treatment can do during the Golden hours. Act immediately during the golden hour may increase the opportunity to save a patient’s life.