Health Benefits of Gedi Leaves ( No 6 is Unbelievable)


What are the health benefits of Gedi leaves? Gedi leaves (Abelmoschus Manihot) is a plant that used for vegetables. Not only in Asia, on the Pacific Islands, this plant cooked along with the coconut milk. Generally in Asia also cook it by way of sauteing in a pan along with some garlic suing. Here are the benefits that content in Gedi leaves.

Health Benefits of Gedi leaves
Health benefits of Gedi leaves

Health Benefits of Gedi leaves

1. Rich in Protein and Vitamin A

The leaves have more protein Gedi than spinach. When the other source of protein is difficult to reach the price, then this leaf can be an alternative option. Also, it has vitamin A greater than Chinese Hibiscus.

2. High in vitamin C

The Gedi leaves have a high content of fibers. Also, the vitamin C they contain have the same content with sugarcane. So it contains twice the amount of Riboflavin, Thiamine, and minerals. Including iron, potassium, and calcium.

3. Health benefits of Gedi leaves to strengthen the fetus

Gedi leaf contains folic acid that good for fetal development. Because while pregnant women often experience anemia and need folic acid. Anemia due to deficiency of maternal folic acid. Gedi leaf can simultaneously be stamina Enhancer.

4. Gedi leaf efficacious in preventing miscarriage

When a pregnant mother suffered a miscarriage and bleeding that intentional or not. Then, it can be prevented with Gedi so the fetus of pregnant women to be strong. Gedi leaf can become a source of nutrients due to weight loss and diarrhea.

5. Make it easy for labor

The original inhabitants of Micronesia using the leaves of the Gedi not only to cure colds. But the leaves consumed to make it easy for speed up in labor. The researchers turned out in Gedi found the antivirus. These leaves contain ethanol extracts have properties anticonvulsants and antidepressants. The Gedi leaf is an agent that demulcent or soothing.

6. Health benefits of Gedi leaves to control fertility

In the Caribbean Countries, Gedi leaves believed to address problems in the female reproductive system. This is due to the leaves of Gedi can manage blood sugar. Also, it is an aphrodisiac. This plant also improve sexual function in women

7. Increase the production of breast milk.

Because Gedi leaf contains folic acid, then the leaf is excellent for nursing. Thus the source of nutrients in the leaves will increase the quality of breast milk produced.

8.Reduce acidosis in the pregnant mother

This plant is a source of calcium-rich and alkaline elements. It needed to in keeping your network clean and maintain the properties of alkaline in the blood. Moreover, it can prevent chronic diseases that occur because of too much acid in the body of the mother.

9. Cure constipation in pregnant women

Gedi juice made will be able to cleanse the digestive tract and remove the waste heap long attached to the intestines. So, it is good to rejuvenate a bowel movement like Buni fruit.

10. Good for the skin of pregnant women

On the leaves contain collagen which beneficial as the skin care. In this case, the pregnant moms can take its benefits not only to smooth the skin. Because the leaves can have a function to accelerate blood circulation.

12. Health benefits of Gedi leaves for anemia

Gedi leaf has the source of iron (Fe). When finished doing his nutritional absorption, resulting in the hemoglobin and red blood cells. So, the Gedi leaves are effective to build blood and prevent anemia like star apple fruit.