Health Benefits of Cermai Fruit

health benefits of Cermai fruit
Health benefits of Cermai fruit

What are the health benefits of Cermai fruit? Cermai fruit (Phyllanthus Acidos) is a fruit that is not grown in any place. The shape of the fruit is like a flower that colored bright yellow solid green and the flesh is yellow-white. The flesh is juicy and has a flavor that is quite acidic and wry. Cermai fruit often made for sweets because it tastes sour. Of course, this fruit has profitable benefits for our health.

Nutrient Content Of Cermai fruit

Views of their subjects, the Cermai fruit contains Vitamin C, calories, fiber, and carbohydrates. Also, it has minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, and riboflavin in the section of his flesh.

The Content Of Leaf Cermai

While at the leaves contain Saponins, Flavanoid, tannins, and polyphenols. Then at the root contains Saponins, Galus, Samak, and Toxic Substances.

Health Benefits of Cermai Fruit

The following Health Benefits of Cermai Fruit:

1. Treat Constipation

The benefits of the Cermai fruit is to treat constipation. Because it contains a lot of Vitamin C, Cermai fruit has benefits for digestive and overcoming constipation. Same as the other fruit, the fruit is suitable for cleaning the intestines.

2. Overcoming Asthma

For people with asthma, the good news for you. Because Cermai fruit can treat asthma. Boiling six pieces of Cermai fruit seeds with several glasses of water. Add the shallots, kara root, and a little sugar to taste. Have a drink to recover breath.

3. Relieve Cancer

Cermai fruit also has benefits for people with cancer. The treatment of Cancer is expensive. But try consumption Cermai fruit to get good enough results. Poached fruit Cermai with mixed leaves of star fruit, Ziziphus Mauritiana, and sugar. Then drink it regularly.

4. Nourish Skin

Vitamin C contained in Cermai fruit give benefits to our skin. The skin will be bright, clean, and soft. Vitamin C plays an important role in the health of the skin. Therefore, try this fruit in any form because of its high Vitamin C waters.

5. Health benefits of Cermai fruit as slimming nutrient

Since the launch of digestion, Cermai fruit can help slimming body. Do you know if acidic food can make your stomach slim down? Well, the fruit has a sour taste also can make the stomach becomes more svelte when it consumed regularly. This is because the digestive and supported appetite reduced due to the sour taste on the tongue.

6. Increase Immune

Cermai fruit nutrients can add to our immune system. His nutritional supplement nutrition routine enough. It is also due to the presence of Flavanoid making antioxidants. But don’t be too excessive consumption.

7. Healthy Bones

Other health benefits of Cermai fruit can nourish the bone. Calcium and iron contained in this fruit can help to keep bones healthy and strong. The bones will be stronger.

8. Good For Growth

Cermai fruit became good fruit if consumed and not interfere with growth. It is precisely this fruit into a good fruit to help growth because of his nutritional content.

9. Health benefits of Cermai fruit to treat asthma or cancer,

First, you must ask a doctor. Because the effect received can be different depending on condition. Find out whether your condition is adequate for a given intake of alternatives. Cermai fruit which has the form of a grape does have a lot of nutrients, but do not eat too much.

When seeing the Cermai trees, we will immediately create the shape of growing grapes. The maturity of the fruit can be seen from its yellow color. But, it will also remain sour fruit is grown in many countries. So, we can enjoy the benefits of the Cermai fruit routine.