Health and Safety Sciences

Health and Safety Sciences
Health and safety sciences abstracts

Health and safety sciences are critical so that employees in the workplace always in a State of healthy. Also, to any source of production used safely and efficiently. According to OHSAS 18001:2007 health, safety, and work conditions affecting everything.

Health and safety sciences

Here’s some understand health and safety sciences from several books:

1. According to Flippo (1995)
Safety and occupational health is an approach that determines the standard. Also, the determination of Government policy over the company’s practices in places of work.

2. According to Mathis and Jackson (2006)
Safety and occupational health is an activity that ensures the creation of safe working conditions. It uses to avoid physical and mental disorders through health and safety sciences coaching. Then, direction and control of the implementation the duties of the employee. Also, the granting of the aid under the applicable rules, either from government agencies or companies where they work.

Job safety and health programs implemented because of three important factors as follows:

1. Based on humanitarian.

First of all the managers will hold a work accident prevention on the basis of a real humanitarian. They do so much to reduce the pain from a wound.

2. Based On The Act.

There are also reasons to hold a job safety and health program based on federal law. The laws of the State and city laws on safety and health work.

3. Based On The Economy.

Economic reasons for the safety-conscious because of the cost of an accident its impact is huge for the company.

The purpose of the health and safety sciences goals relating to equipment is preventing the occurrence of accidents due to work. Then, give protection to the production sources to increase efficiency and productivity.

Aspects, factors, and principles of health and safety sciences which must be observed by the company are as follows:

a. work environment
The work environment is the place where an employee in a work. It concerning on place conditions, such as temperature, lighting, ventilation and the situation.

b. work tools and materials
Work tools and materials was a staple of things needed by a company to manufacture the goods. In producing the items, work tools is vital in the production process. Also, it is the main ingredients that will make goods.

c. How does the job
Every production has parts ways do different jobs that owned by the employees. It usually performed by employees in the conduct of all the activities of the work. For example, using the available equipment and protecting tool. Follow the terms of use of these tools and understand how to operationalize the machine.

Factors that affect according to health and safety sciences is as follows:

1. The workload.
The workload burden in the form of physical, mental and social. So, it gives efforts of the placement of workers by its ability to note.

2. Work capacity.
The work capacity depends a lot on the education, skills, physical freshness, nutritional state, and body size.

3. Work environment.
The working environment in the form of physical, chemical factors, ergonomics, and others.

Principles that should be running the company in implementing health and safety sciences as follows:

1. The existence of the Self Protective Tools in the workplace.
2. The actuality of the use of manual tools and or cues of danger.
3. The existence of rules of the Division of tasks and responsibilities.
4. The safe workplace standards.
5. The physical and spiritual health of the support available.
6. The existence of well-equipped facilities and infrastructure at the places of work.
7. Presence awareness in health and safety sciences.