Health and Safety in Construction

health and safety in construction
Health and safety in construction

What are the health and safety in construction? Construction is an activity to build the infrastructure. In a field of architecture or civil engineering, construction also known as the unit of infrastructure. For example, the construction of the building is the shape of the building structure. Another example: the construction of the highway and bridge construction.

But, in fact, construction is a unit of activity that consists of several different jobs.

In the implementation of the work often appears work accident. This issue is one that should take precedence by construction services company. It will add to the expenses of the budget on behalf of the company. However, many construction companies not yet willing to divide funds for tackling of accidents. however, the construction project is a series of activities involving the management, and materials.

Health and safety in construction design

In general construction, activities supervised by the project manager or architect projects. These people work in the Office, while oversight of field is usually left to the foreman. He oversees building laborers, and other building experts to complete a physical construction.

For the successful implementation of the construction project, effective planning is essential. This related to engineering infrastructure that considers on the impact on the environment. Also, the method of determining the size of the required cost. Also, it accompanied by health and safety in construction and the availability of building materials. Then, inconvenience to the public related, caused by the delay in preparation of tender and bidding, etc.

Health and safety in construction case studies

Often seen attached a banner that reads “Health, Safety, and Environmental Consent”. These banners often found on projects development of apartments, hotels, offices, and others. For lay people who lack understanding of HSE philosophy, it will be wondering, ‘ what is the goal and purpose of fitting the banners? What can add value to health and safety in construction?

Occupational health and safety are absolute to serve as part of the management process in the project. Since it concerns the many aspects of the course, its impact will cause considerable losses in the future. The number of work accidents every year, this is due to lack of respect from the management of HSE issues.

Basic concepts of health and safety in construction.

The accident is generally caused due to attitude and behavior of workers and unsafe working environment. This accident caused by a few things: do not use Protective Tools and did not follow the appropriate work procedures. Also, not regulatory work that is already set and does not be careful as well as physical conditions weak but still imposing for work.

The protection of the labor continuously to carry out daily work to increase productivity. Application of health and Safety planning is one of the main protective labor so that the process of development activities go well. Safety and health planning on a construction project is one of the conditions in the execution of the project.