Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantage

Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantage
Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantage

What is hair Botox treatment disadvantage? Botox is a cosmetic procedure of non-operation, the purpose of which add volume or tighten the skin on the body, the face and the Botox hair treatment. However, Botox is a process by injecting botulinum toxin type A, albumin, and sodium chloride.

The FDA allows this Botox procedure done in some parts such as line the hair, the tip of the lips, and forehead. However, since the result was pretty instant and the price is more affordable, many plastic surgery procedures replaced with a syringe of Botox.

Hair Botox treatment disadvantage

Some were successful, others fail. Cause a variety of things. Especially, Botox hair treatment done does not match the procedure. But, you also need to know that it’s not entirely safe Botox. As quoted from United States hair specialist, there is some hair Botox treatment disadvantage.

1. Cause allergic reactions

Some people showed an allergic reaction as it passes through the process of hair injecting Botox. General allergic reactions are itching, redness, asthma, dizziness, etc. Highly recommended for those of you who experienced asthma or shortness of breath. It was taken after a Botox injection for taking a drug that has given to further consult a doctor or physician.

2. Swelling of the skin

One other hair Botox treatment disadvantage is swelling of the skin. Moreover, if the type of sensitive skin, then generally it will feel a little soreness and swelling on the skin after the shots.

3. Eyes glazed

Eyelids usually go down and make the eyes so glazed after injected with Botox. This is especially true in those who inject Botox at the forehead, eyebrows, and around the eyes.

4. Frequent urination

Botox makes urinary tract becomes more active, so it often appears the desire to urinate almost every time.

5. Flu symptoms

After injecting Botox, there are some people who experience flu symptoms. Usually occurs a week after injecting Botox for hair treatment. Fever, headache, body aches, chills all tastes, all mixed into one.

6. Sinus infection

In fact, some people suffer from sinus infections after injecting Botox. And it gets worse, will also donate a constant headache and head feels heavy.

7. Respiratory tract infections

Though rare, this is one of the hair Botox treatment disadvantage ever experienced by some people. There are difficulties in breathing and it feels claustrophobic. This can cause death and should be quickly dealt with.

The specific hair Botox treatment disadvantage

Botox hair has more positive than negative effects, it is still a little hair Botox treatment side effects:

1. Hair Botox treatment disadvantage include scalp have excessive oil. This state may happen because the products applied directly to the scalp.
2. Other side effects that may occur are allergic reactions. It is depending on skin sensitivity and reaction from everyone.

It is very important Botox hair treatment on their skilled and professional. Avoid Botox hair treatment in salons whose reputation is still doubtful for escape from a hair Botox treatment disadvantage and other dangers.