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Unexpected Botox Side Effects – Body Bliss Central Lyric

To investigate possible botox side effects on mood, researchers asked 40 women who were waiting to have Botox injections for the first time to read 60 sentences on a computer and press a key when they understood each sentence. Two weeks later when the muscle-paralysing effect of botox was highest, the women were asked to repeat the experiment.
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Jury Says Botox Causes Brain Damage: Here’s Allergan’s Lyric

2011-04-29 · Although Allergan has tried to diversify, the company is still dominated by Botox, with $1.42 billion of its sales (29 percent) coming from the botulinum toxin. The verdict is the biggest …
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Botox: Uses and Side Effects – Live Science Lyric

The drug’s effects wear off, and treatments need to be done every three to six months, likely because the body is able to break down the toxin and re-establish nerve transmission, Newman said. Common …
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Botox side effects – Brain – WebMD Message Boards Lyric

I am 7 months post-botox and dealing with a significant amount of pain. Immediately after getting the botox I started having severe migraines that included burning and throbbing and that was 24/7 for the first 3 months after the botox. Now the pain has calmed down just a little but not really.
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Botox Side Effects – BeautiSecrets Lyric

These side effects that occur within a day or two, indicate the body’s response to Botox and are not a cause of worry. Serious Side Effects: In most cases, the body responds quite well to Botox and serious outcome after taking Botox
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