Golden Berries Health Benefits

Golden Berries Health Benefits
Golden berries health benefits
What are the golden berries health benefits? Before we review the benefits, let’s know a little bit about this greenery. The golden berries fruit in the wrap with thin green and bubbly skin. Thin skin it gives the cue to the color of the fruit inside. So, if you want to see if the golden berries fruit is ripe or not, just look at the color of the bag of fruit. If it’s Green, it means that the fruit still in green. After knowing the golden berries plant, then how about the golden berries health benefits?

The golden berries health benefits


1. Healthy Snacks

The fruit considered trivial, this turned out to be in sweet treats and healthy for the body. If you are a frequent snacking with meals that not healthy, golden berries is the best choice to get a healthy snack.

2. Treat joint pain

Another benefit is as traditional medicine joint pain. However, it uses golden berries leaves. Grab some golden berries leaf and subtle mashed together a bit of whiting. Paste on joints or rheumatism pain. Use to dry up and your pain will get well soon.

3. Treat Epilepsy

The golden berries health benefits for epilepsy. If your family is having this disease, you can take advantage of the golden berries leaves and fruit. Sufficient consumption golden berries 10 pieces per day will be good. However, we still advise you to contact your doctor in any of your health problems.

4. The golden berries health benefits to treat thrush

Thrush is a light but very annoying. Canker sores on the mark with the appearance of red or white patches on lips, tongue or the inside of the mouth. A small cut is very painful especially when drinking or eating. However, you can use golden berries fruit to treat the thrush.

5. Lowers high blood pressure

Blood pressure occurs when a blockage of one of the blood vessels or the high-fat content in the blood. If you experience high blood pressure then you have to eat golden berries. Boiled 5 golden berries with 100 ml water and let sit for a moment until warm. Drink this decoction twice a day and soon decreased blood pressure.

6. Treat Vertigo

golden berries health benefits
Dried golden berries health benefits


Furthermore, the golden berries health benefits to treat vertigo. Vertigo is a lung disease that causes one of your lungs do not function, it marked with your breathing problem. So, immediately treat your vertigo by consuming golden berries.

7. Provide extra Energy

The golden berries have a sweet taste that indicates the content of sugar in it. This means that consuming golden berries good to provide a reserve of energy. So, try to grow it at home and you can enjoy this fruit every day.

8. Launch of urine

The next golden berries health benefits are for waging a urine. Urine that is not fluent could give to the health risk such as kidney stones. Then, you must change the habit of holding urine. Take ten golden berries with a glass of water.

9. Treat coughs

In addition to the launch of urine, it can also lower a cough that interferes. Takes 5 golden berries with a glass of warm water, mix it with a little lemon juice.

10. The golden berries health benefits to treat Flu

The flu is a disease caused by RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae. The golden berries contains high in vitamin C which can cope with this virus. Boil a few strands of golden berries leaf and drink routine every day for flu.

11. Speed up wound healing

The benefits of the golden berries leaf for speeding up the wound healing process. The high content of chlorophyll in the leaves can treat injuries. Mashed some golden berries leaves and apply on the part.

12. Relieve lymph nodes disease

People who experience swelling of the lymph nodes recommended consuming water decoction of golden berries leaves. Pick a handful of golden berries leaves and boiled together with 2 cups of water, drink regularly.

13. Treating heart disease

The golden berries leave benefit for heart health still unpopular. But this leaves very efficaciously for this.Takes 40 golden berries leaves and simmer until smooth. Drink like you drink the juice. Remember you should never add water but drink cider leaves the results of collisions.