Free Samples for Doctors Offices


Everyone wishes something for free, and free drugs sample is no limitation. The patient is happy to accept them, and the doctor feels good about distributing them. The practice of giving free samples for doctors offices based on the assumption that secretly “sample ” do far more good than harm.

free samples for doctors offices
Free samples for doctors offices

Free samples increase patient care, encouraging the proper use of medications and help millions of patients. He further averred that the sample benefits doctors by exposing them to new treatment options. We argue that free samples for doctors offices not effective in improving drug access for the poor people.

Who actually receive the free samples for doctors offices?

A study shows who receive the drugs for free. A survey found that less than one-third of all recipients of the low-income sample. In contrast, those in the highest income category has received free samples. Also, the low-income uninsured patients less likely to receive a free sample than those who have health insurance. This conclusion supported by the analysis of large databases of individuals who received at least one prescription medication.

Often the free samples for doctors offices never reached their intended audience. Many of the samples adjusted by a doctor for personal or family. Also, almost half of pharmaceutical representatives surveyed reported using the samples. This study shows that the sample often reaches the wrong people and often misused.

Quality of care

The free samples for doctors offices have negative consequences. When low-income patients given “starter pack ” samples they might not be able to afford the cost of the extension. So, that leads to discontinuity of treatment.

In the doctor’s Office, detailed patient education about the use of the sample is very rare. Also, it usually does not have information about drug interactions. Given the lack of supervision by a pharmacist, there is a risk that the end date can be ignored. Also, if the distribution not documented in the patient record, some of the people who received a sample in the doctor’s office could not be notified.

Education or marketing?

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the primary motivation behind the provision of free samples marketing. The sample has a major influence on the habit of prescribing physicians. The sample is one of the most effective way sales representatives get their foot in the door to pitch their company’s products. However, the availability of these samples associated with fast new prescription medications.

In one study, people with access to the sample more likely than their counterparts without a prescribe the product advertised. Also, the survey reports the doctor suggested that the availability of free samples for doctors offices.

The call for change

It is not realistic to expect pharmaceutical companies to hand over one of the techniques of the most powerful marketing. Thus, if we convinced that using the free samples for doctors offices, only the medical profession can look for stopping the practice. The voucher approach is an improvement through sample distribution methods. It is important to educate their members about alternative practitioner for free samples.

The tradition of doctors dispensing samples has many serious flaws. As the profession take itself from the grip of the health industry, it also deals with the excess of free samples.