Foam Fire Suppression System

foam fire suppression system
Automatic foam fire suppression system

Did your building need foam fire suppression system? Foam fire suppression consists of three elements: the foam concentrate, air pressure, and water. When mixed correctly, this section forms a homogeneous foam blanket put out the fire by the mechanism of combined cooling. Then, separate the source from the surface of the product, pressing the Steam, and suffocating. This makes the choice of effective foam suppression system to protect the liquid is flammable and easily lit.

Most of the owners of commercial buildings often worrying about fire preventative at once against the rent of buildings. But actually, there is one more thing that taken by the owner of the building about the possibility of the occurrence of fires.

In the absence of a fire safety system that could prevent the spread of fire occurrence. It will make small fires spread rapidly to ruin all that exists in the space of the building. Then, the assets already built many years could disappear, there is even the possibility of lives at stake.

Foam fire suppression system specification

Well, this is where the need of every owner of the commercial building understanding about fire suppression system itself. Foam fire suppression system divided into two categories according to the chemistry involved. It namely the Air foam fire suppression and a chemical foam fire suppression.

Chemical foam fire suppression system generally considered obsolete. Also, it has replaced by air-Foam Fire Extinguishing System. For liquids flammable, the Air foam fire suppression system installed in agencies, manufacturers, and explosives storage sites. This system consists of a water source and Fire Pump. Also, concentrate, maker of foam, foam Discharge Outlet Control Panel, pipe, electrical wires, etc.

Various foam Discharge Outlet provided to meet any form of danger, the condition of the site, etc. The system is divided into the following types.
1. Airspace foam
2. Air Foam Nozzle
3. Air foam spray head
4. Injection foam beneath the surface
5. Water foam Check water Nozzle
6. High expansion Foam Generators

How does a foam fire suppression system work?

Air foam concentrate made it into a fixed ratio of air foam solution by mixing with water flowing through the pipe Feed. Also, driven by the makers of foam which sucks air and produce a lot of air foam extinguishing. Air foam concentrate makes good foam with excellent stability and heat-resistant. Also, free-flowing and growing on the surface of liquids such as put out the fire. The company also stick to a solid surface, level or vertical, to prevent the spread of fire.

In Fixed foam fire suppression system foam chamber and subsurface injection foam intended to put out the fire. Which located outside of the storage tank, and air foam spray head for the danger of flammable liquid. Also, air Foam Nozzle used as the extra air to the exterior foam Hydrant storage tanks. Air-Foam Nozzle of the Monitor provided near the inlet port of the storage tank exterior. Also, especially in the dock or pier for foam fire suppression system located on the oily break out at sea.