Fire Suppression System Installation

fire suppression system installation
Race car fire suppression system installation

Before doing the fire suppression system installation, there are several stages of preparation. This step to support the smooth running of the work later to conform to the reference standard and regulation in force. Both in terms of technical, administrative or operational, everything must prepare carefully. This installation of automatic fire extinguisher to protect our building and our life when the fire happen.

Fire suppression system installation manual

In General, before the establishment of a cooperation fire suppression system installation agreement. Surely will pass through the administration process in advance. Starting from the submission of the offer price and price negotiation. Also, the approval of the design, and the agreement of other administrations.

To make it easier we provide the estimated price quote and especially for the acceleration of the process. Also, for time estimation that provider will submit to all customers, then on the stage, we need include:

1. Sketch or layout of the room
2. The dimensions of the room
3. The dimensions of the raised-floor and ceiling
4. The layout of facilities in-room devices
5. Air conditioner system details and dimensions
6. Detail of ventilation system and air circulation
7. Description of the structure of the room or building
8. After all these stages achieved, based on the SOP [standard operating procedure] in the management of the company. This step to obtain the more accurate information to work sites before doing the work.

Fire suppression system installation estimation

After conducting a review of the condition of the room work sites visually. The provider also calculates how much of the device installation needs such as pipes, cables, and installation paths. It used to further ease the process fabrication of a fire suppression system installation. Also, that will support the operation of the fire safety system. Based on experience, considering there are some customers who publish the rules to not do the activities of fabrication. Then, the welding, pipe cutting, indoors or in the area of the building.

Fire suppression system installation material and work

For that reason, we like to do productions in provider workshop. So, while working on site only do activities connecting pipes. Also, drilling to make the hanger or support the installation material.

After all the process already achieved, as well as the process of administration. The management will ask a permit along with a time schedule. The only technician will do the job on the basis of an approved permit. Every day, the technician will report progress results of the work. Also, ask for the approval of the supervisory team of representatives our customers as proof of the progress of work.

All such reports summarized during the machining process to take place. Also, it will present the report in the form of booklets project report. ”

So that in the future the customers like to make changes to the design and upgrade fire safety system. Also, repair fire systems as well as the care of fire suppression system installation manual. Then, the customers already have all the required documents in the one report.