Fire Suppression Services

Fire Suppression Services
Fire Suppression Services

If you have a restaurant business or other areas that have a high potential for fires break out. You may not be familiar with the fire suppression services. Fire suppression services adapted to the fire hazard in certain areas such as cooking equipment or chemicals in industry.

Fire suppression and alarm systems consist of a sprinkler to handle fires. Meanwhile in the kitchen and the paint industry consists of mostly suppression system. There are also special applications for computer rooms, robotic system, and telecommunication facilities.

Fire suppression services For Commercial Kitchen

Fire suppression services in the kitchen are very important. Because of the dangerous combinations such as high temperatures and flammable oil. This kind of fire cannot extinguish with water, fires of this type should douse with chemicals. Total fire safety fire to install fire suppression that includes commercial fire extinguishers. The purpose to release chemical substances that are exactly at the right time to put out a fire in the kitchen.

The fire suppression services must check every six months under NFPA standards. The total fire safety also provides the services as a whole, an efficient inspection, and can remind you to do the inspection.

Fire suppression services for industry

Industrial fire suppression systems installed around the paint storage location material is flammable. The closed nature of the fire suppression system requires booth. Firefighting agents spread emphasis system when a fire detected.

Clean agent fire suppression services

Many businesses who choose this medium to protect assets in the form of data stored in computers and electronic equipment. Also, anything else that can destroy certain chemicals. The clean agent fire suppression system is new in the 21st century, as it does not damage your computer and other electronic tools. Fire suppression services release chemicals in the form of a liquid, not a gas that does not damage the electronics.

Most of the owners of commercial buildings often worrying about maintenance of buildings. But actually, there is one more thing that should take into account by the owner of the building: The possibility of the occurrence of fires. In the absence of a system that could prevent the spread of fire occurrence that is right. It will make small fires can spread rapidly to ruin all that exists in the space of the building. The assets already built many years could disappear, there is even the possibility of lives is at stake.

Therefore clean agent system preferred in areas such as data processing centers. Also, medical diagnostic rooms, laboratories, museums and art galleries. The working principle of clean agent fire extinguisher agents with heat, cut supply oxygen. But, systems clean agent fire suppression can also work with disconnected the fuel line.

Gas can isolate the source of the fuel. When used, the clean agent can be as fast and effectively as water or other fire extinguisher agent. But, it will not affect electronic equipment. Also, as for the danger of happening if you use a clean agent to watch out for. When fires break out, the gas will fill the area until full, regulate the pressure and volume of gas. The pressure that is too high can crack walls and windows in the room.