Fire Safety Activities for Preschoolers

fire safety activities for preschoolers
Fire safety activities for preschoolers

Keeping kids safe is an important part of becoming a preschool educator. However, kids need your help to recognize the danger of fires and how to respond. It focuses on keeping children safe in the preschool fire and prevent fires. The fire safety activities for preschoolers program includes this message:

Fire safety activities for preschoolers ideas

The purpose of the program:
1. Children will learn fire safety rules.
2. Children will learn what to do in case of fire.
3. Children will learn that cigarette lighters and matches are not toys.

Fire safety activities for preschoolers Lesson

Discuss with the children about what to do if your clothes catch on fire. Explain and show how to stop, drop and roll. Emphasize that it is very important to roll more than once until the fire was out. After the discussion, show the kid’s card sequencing and sequence them together as a group.

Start the activity of the Association in which all of the children given the opportunity to act out of the stop, drop, and roll. Take the children outside. Attach small balloons rising into the back of a few clothes. Let the kids a little at a time to put on the clothes so the balloon on their backs. Teach them to practice stop, drop, and roll until the activity ends. Give each child the opportunity to practice.

Variations: For kids who afraid of balloons popping up, attach the community some red/orange felt fire or double-sided tape with pompoms arms. Let them act out the stop, drop and roll sequence to “fire” from their clothes.

Fire safety activities for preschoolers rules

Discuss the following fire safety rules with children:

1. go to firefighters in an emergency.

Young children may fear the first time they see a firefighter gear. Explain to the children
a) What is firefighter wear and why.
b) How a firefighter can help if there is no fire.

Contact Your local fire station to arrange tours. Children can learn about equipment and become familiar with what firefighters look like and what they do. Or invite a firefighter to your class so that they can wear their equipment in front of the kids, explain their work, and answer the questions of children.

2. Crawl low under the smoke.

The next fire safety activities for preschoolers is tell the kids that some fires create a lot of smoke, which is dangerous to breathe.
a) Show them how to safely respond when filling the room with smoke.
b) Ask the kids to practice with you. Lead them in creeping around the room with their heads.

3. Stop, drop and roll.

When the kid’s clothes on fire, their first response may be to run. This can make the fire spread more quickly. Show the kids the most secure way to respond:

a) Stop, cover your face, falling on the ground, and roll from side to side until you put out the fire.
b) Ask the kids to practice with you several times and then dividing them into pairs. Children can take turns showing their partner.

4. Tell an adult.

The last fire safety activities for preschoolers is emphasize to children that matches and lighters are tools that use only adults.

a) Tell the children that they should not be played with lighter
b) Explain that if they find a lighter, they should tell an adult right away.
c) Role-plays with kids in small groups about what to do when they find lighters.