Fire Extinguisher Sizes Chart

fire extinguisher sizes chart
Fire extinguisher sizes chart

There is a variety of fire extinguisher sizes chart used, the size of Fire Extinguishers as required it for effectiveness in the event of a fire in a protected place. Fire extinguishers used in offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, malls, labs, and so on. The size of fire extinguishers determined by the needs of each site.

If the place that protected vast areas are small, then more effectively using small fire extinguishers as well. Because it is more effective, easy to carry while not reducing the main function to put out the fire. But if a place that protected is greater, then the size of fire extinguishers that are larger are also needed. Because of the larger size of fire extinguishers, will also save the bigger media used as firemen put out the fire and may be larger because outreach is longer.

Fire extinguisher sizes chart

Will be bad if a fire occurs while it is large, but used to put out the fire is small. So, before you can fire off the media that is in the tube fire is up. For that, the selection and use of fire extinguishers must adapt to the needs and the extent of the protected places. The larger the size of fire extinguishers, the more expensive price. But surely has more media, and can cover more area. The fire extinguisher sizes chart that exists in the market more or less as follows:

Any fire extinguisher sizes chart

ABC Dry Chemical, suitable for fire types A, B and C


1 kg Powder Fire extinguishers
2 kg Powder Fire extinguishers
3 kg Powder Fire extinguishers
4kg Powder Fire extinguishers
5 kg Powder Fire extinguishers
6 kg Powder Fire extinguishers
9kg Powder Fire extinguishers

Trolley (Wheels)

25 kg Powder Fire extinguishers
50kg Powder Fire extinguishers
68kg Powder Fire extinguishers

Media weight: carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, for type B and C fires

3 kg CO2 Fire extinguishers
6 kg CO2 Fire extinguishers
25 kg CO2 Fire extinguishers (Trolley)

Media weight: HFC227 (Halon replacement for Liquid Gas) suitable for all types of fire


1 kg Fire extinguishers

2 kg Fire extinguishers
3 kg Fire extinguishers
6 kg Fire extinguishers
9kg Fire extinguishers


HFC227 25 kg Fire extinguishers
50kg Fire extinguishers
68kg Fire extinguishers

Media weight: AFFF Foam Liquid, not suitable for electrical fires because are conducive

Tool Foam fire extinguisher 6 kg
9kg Foam Fire extinguishers
Foam Fire extinguishers 25 kg (trolley)
Foam Fire extinguishers 50kg (trolley)

For fire extinguishers have a weight of under 20 kilograms, usually a tube-shaped portable. Can remove by hand either one or two people. For more than 20 kg weight using tubes that fitted with wheels, for easy in bringing to the location closest to the fire. All fire extinguishers equipped with latch lock, hose, and nozzle to facilitate direct media fire bursts in the direction of the point source of the fire.