Fire Extinguisher Parts and Functions

fire extinguisher parts and functions
Fire extinguisher parts and functions

Know your fire extinguisher parts and functions are one way that we can use and take care of it. A fire extinguisher is one of the required tools provided industrial surroundings. The functioning of fire extinguishers to protect your business assets and safety of the workers when the fire broke out. But its availability still less heeded.

Fire extinguisher parts and functions

In this article, I would like to give you an idea of fire extinguisher parts and functions. Fire extinguisher tubes in the United States colored red and equipped with usage instructions and clear instructions. The placement of the extinguishers refers to a standard at least one fire extinguisher tubes with tube site 15 m run. However, we count in units of square meters is every 225 square meters of 1 unit of fire tubes. Here some of fire extinguisher parts and functions that we must know:

Head Grip on Fire Extinguishers

At the top of the fire extinguishers called head grip that doubles as a suppressor of the valve open close. The head grip can also serve as a handle for the user while heading to the location of the fires. Head grip has two parts i.e. head grip the top of the head and grip the bottom. At the top of the grip head, there is a pit that serves as a place for the safety pin. The safety pin opened only in the event of a fire. When opening the safety key is hold or hold the head grip the top just don’t hold the second part of the head. This makes the safety pin into the key opened because the hard seat depressed head grips the top of the head and grip the bottom.

Fire extinguisher parts and functions (pressure gauge)

A fire extinguisher equipped with a pressure gauge that the function to know the working pressure of the fire extinguisher. People need this rather than as an indicator of the content of the extinguishers. The average working pressure of fire extinguishers is 13 to 15 Bar. The pressure it applies to all sizes ranging from 1 kg to 90 kg.

The color code is present on a pressure gauge that red and green. Make sure your fire extinguishers position of the needle in the pressure gauge located at the position of the color green. This indicates that the fire extinguishers in the condition ready to use.

Hose and hose holder

Another component is the hose and hose holder. It has to investigate periodic at the interval. Make sure the hose is not clogged, clogging the hose occurs because at the end of the hose used as a hive of bees. When your fire extinguishers contain media dry chemical powder, make sure on the inside of the hose there was no powder. If the hose like this, please contact your trusted technicians to do checking or refilling. Common fire extinguishers that already in use then placed back in its original place. It is very dangerous in the event of a fire if the fire extinguishers cannot use.