Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Checklist

fire extinguisher maintenance checklist
Fire extinguisher maintenance checklist

Routine fire extinguisher maintenance is a legal requirement for local owners and managers under regulation reform. Also, to get the best result we need fire extinguisher maintenance checklist for good procedure.

The owner stated that: “The person in charge shall ensure that the venue and facilities Equipment and tools provided on the fire extinguisher maintenance checklist and maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order, and in good repair. ”

Fire extinguisher maintenance checklist

However, the sequence of rather short on detail on exactly what ‘ fit ‘ system actually. Enter British Standard BS 5306-3:2009 offering; “Recommendations for initial commissioning of portable fire extinguishers and a schedule for the next maintenance fire extinguishers installed in all locations.”

Below we simplify fire extinguisher maintenance checklist

1. Check if there are leaks on the tube and make sure the impeller is not leaking gas. Also, the indications are the existence of the position of the needle of the pressure gauge located in the reply right in position 15 s/d 20 Bar.

2. Check the seal on the Cartridge tube that in the neck of the tube, is still intact. Then return to its original position for tube type Cartridge.

3. Clean the tube from dust, water, and corrosion. Rub the tube with a damp cloth until no more dust, and then rub it again with a dry cloth. After that apply a bit of solar on the body of the tube evenly, then finish off with rubbing using a dry cloth.

4. The alternating continuous tube in order to avoid freezing in the liquid in the tube. One hand holding the top of the tube, and the other hand holding the bottom of the tube. Then the top of the tube behind the downward and vice versa, the bottom of the tube to the top. Do up to 3 to 5 times slowly. Applies to Standard, Portable models tube well-Stored Pressure or Cartridge.

5. Make sure the valve, a hose, a pressure gauge and the seal is in good shape.

6. Make sure the position of the Bracket is in a State of strong and perfectly adherent with the wall. Then, applies to Standard, Portable models tube well-Stored Pressure & Cartridge.

7. Do not put the fire extinguisher tubes in direct sunlight and rain.

8. Try to let the tube fire extinguisher lighter avoid direct contact with the Sun. Also, it is advisable to provide a protective canopy/cover/on the tube for the sake of maintaining the quality of the tube more durable.

9. Make a Card Check List for monthly and yearly Maintenance check the condition of the tube as the ingredient report and evaluation.

The article above tells about fire extinguisher maintenance checklist for the best result. However, if you cannot do the right preventive maintenance procedure, just contact the professional people on it.