Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

fire extinguisher inspection tags
Fire extinguisher inspection tags how to read?

If we’re like most people, we’ve never been in a situation where you are asked to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher.That said if we want to have complete confidence in our fire extinguishers. So we know we will save. According to fire extinguisher inspection tags, there is three step of basic firefighter maintenance: an examination of monthly, yearly fire inspection professionals and hydro test 12 years.

Updating fire extinguisher inspection tags is crucial for safety

The first step according to fire extinguisher inspection tags is monthly self-examination. For self-examination monthly, you no need specific equipment, because of this only a visual inspection.

First, make sure your fire extinguishers easy to view and access. And that everyone in the building you know how to operate them quickly and efficiently in the fire. Make sure the instructions clearly and facing outward. Also, check the fire extinguisher inspection tags on your extinguisher. If it says already more than a year since your last fire inspection, fire protection company contact.

Check the physical condition of the fire service: make sure the pin is intact and not held in the Ribbon or wire. That there were no signs of material damage visible to the head. Then the body or nozzle such as dents, cracks, corrosion or leaks and the nozzle is not clogged or blocked in any way.

Verify to make certain the arrow on the pressure gauge is pointing in the direction of the green zone according to fire extinguisher inspection tags. This arrow indicates that the Extinguisher is fully in charge and enable to use. Because the fire extinguisher usually sealed tight. Then the only time the arrow will never swim down from the green zone was once you’d exhausted the fire extinguisher or if it is leaking.

Finally, change the fire up and down about five times. In a dry chemical fire extinguisher tends to cake, so it will help to mix it up.

Second step: Annual Professional Inspection fire extinguisher inspection tags

This step is easy-just call the fire protection services company. They will come out and do the same things that you do every month. But they write a new fire extinguisher inspection tags to say with certainty whether the fire service you’re in good shape or not. This step may seem unnecessary, but it is critical. If the Fire Marshal visits the building and finding the extinguishers marked with fire extinguishers tags expired. Your company could be in for some big fines!

The third step: If Your extinguisher hydro testing managed to make 12 years without needing for replaced. So you need to have hydro tested. The hydro test involves charging the body fire extinguisher with water at a pressure test. This step will help expose hidden cracks or weakness of the body of the extinguisher needs to address.