Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service

fire extinguisher inspection service
Fire extinguisher inspection and service

In an emergency situation, Fire extinguishers needed to put out the fire in the early hours. A fire extinguisher is typically not functioning due to a few things such as the pressure in the tube up. Also, foam or chemical substances contained in the tube freezes, hose clogged or leaking. So, it is the importance of fire extinguisher inspection service.

Fire extinguisher inspection service

In an effort to prevent the occurrence of failed functions at the fire extinguisher. Then, these fire extinguishers should be checked periodically. The fire extinguisher inspection service should take in the right way. It not just by filling out the checklist on the fire extinguisher inspection tags contained in the fire extinguisher body. Here is a guide how fire extinguisher inspection service.

1. check condition of pressure

The first step of fire extinguisher inspection service is checking the normal pressure. On the tube, there is a pressure gauge level stating pressure on the tube. Please make sure the needle on the manometer still in the green zone (15 – 20). For cartridge type, check on the neck of the tube by opening the threaded tube and check the condition of the seals. If the plug still in a place, reinstall as the original condition.

2. check the fire extinguisher seal

If the seals have loosened or breaking up, maybe the fire extinguisher have used. The procedure to make sure it by opening the hose from the valve and check valves holes in the former extinguisher powder. If there are signs of the former extinguisher powder, certain fire extinguisher has used before. The next step immediately replaces the fire extinguisher.

3. check the physical condition of the tube

The physical condition of the tube well is the absence of rust or porous on the tube at both the basic position of the tube as well as on the position of the neck tube. If there is a porous tube replace immediately with a new one. This state can be dangerous for the user to operate the fire extinguisher. If the condition no rust or porous, then do the cleaning of the fire extinguisher tubes.

4. check the condition of the hose

The next fire extinguisher inspection service is checking hose condition. It most often happens the inside of the hose into the hive for the wasp (the wasps make nests to the ground). If there is a nest of wasps of the land inside the hose will result in the dead interval. Then do some checking by using a small wire, do the cleaning by inserting the wire into the hole in the hose.

Also check the condition of hoses, if there cracks or broken hose. If the hose has been leaking or broken, immediately do a replacement hose. The leaking hoses would endanger the fireman, due to dust or chemicals exposed to the eye or inhaled.

5.The last fire extinguisher inspection service is checking chemical substances

A problem that often occurs is freeze chemical substances contained in the fire extinguisher. The cause of the occurrence of freezing that often laying on the floor, fire extinguisher tub exposed to direct sunlight, or placement on a humid area.

Checking with shaking the fire extinguisher tube as much as 4 – 5 times, and listen to the sound of the falling agent. If sounds heard still slowly (like the sound of the sand while in the tube) then the conditions still good. But if the voice like all fall (like the sound of mud material or cookie dough fall) means the fire agent has frozen.

That’s some way fire extinguisher inspection service, do at least 1-month fire extinguisher examination. This step to ensure the fire extinguisher in good condition. And the most important is doing training to all workers on how to use the fire extinguisher and how to put the fire extinguisher.