Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist
ABC fire extinguisher inspection checklist

Fire extinguisher inspection involves checking monthly and you need fire extinguisher inspection checklist to make it easy. The procedure to ensure that they do not run out and not leaking. Also, the unit is safe and does not fall because of the bad hanging bracket. Then, the tamper seal in place, the pull pin intact and has not become Dislodged. However, there is no obvious damage to the external unit, and the most important thing is that it is in position.

Fire extinguisher inspection checklist

It is also a good idea to make sure that fire sign placed so that it can see from a far by anyone who occupies a building. The following fire extinguisher inspection checklist guidelines for people who want to know what to look for when checking fire extinguishers. In addition to this monthly examination is the responsibility of the owner of the device per fire code NFPA 10. It must service every year by a professional company that licensed fire protection.

Portable fire extinguishers required to be visually inspected when initially placed in service and at least monthly. This visual inspection, intended to help ensure that every fire extinguisher in the designated area and will operate if necessary, can be done by facilities personnel.

Gauge pressure in the range of green is not a 100 percent guarantee that fire extinguisher will perform as intended. For example, If the seal broken can indicate that someone has use fire extinguisher, but if only dumped too small elements cannot affect the pressure gauge.

For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of checking their own fire protection companies can provide this monthly services in addition to providing annual maintenance and service on all types of fire engines.

Fire extinguisher inspection checklist NFPA

According to NFPA 10 standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, therefore, requires that the monthly checks by fire extinguisher inspection checklist to verify a number of things including:
1. Make sure the instructions on nameplate read and facing outward.
2. Check the date of the last service specialists on the tag.
3. Initial and date the back of the tag.
4. Fireman’s agreement looks, unobstructed, and in a place designated.
5. Verification of the locking pin tamper seals intact and unbroken. Check the fire service a clear physical damage, corrosion, leaks and clogged nozzle.
6. Pressure gauges within range or operating location, and lift the fire to make sure it was still full.

Report expired tags and services are missing, damaged or extinguishers used immediately.

The other annual fire extinguisher inspection checklist includes:

Check to see that the handle bar mechanism intact and not bent. Also, check out the rivet holds the device together, to make sure it not warped. Do not use or allow others to use fire extinguishers door stop. Make sure the tags in position and check that the date pressed on the tag. If the unit not served within one year from the last date of service, contact licensed fire protection company.