Fire Extinguisher Inspection Certification

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Certification
Annual fire extinguisher inspection certification

People who receive fire extinguisher inspection certification trained to check all type of fire extinguishers. Also, successful completion of a series of examinations designed to test you as a fire extinguisher inspector.

Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense when the fire started on your property. For this reason, the fire code demands that fire extinguishers inspected and maintained. If you fire extinguishers is part safety system, you are at risk of a breach of the code is much more important.

Fire extinguisher inspection certification provider

How confident are you in your last examination results? Many customers call the provider because their previous inspection is not completed correctly. You need to know that you have the correct type of firefighter and that he will work in a pinch.

There is the organization that provides fire extinguisher inspection certification, such as NFPA.It has become the industry standard with some States that need all fire extinguisher inspection. However, fire extinguisher inspection exam given by the International Code Council. Which provides certification and testing for some other professions.

Fire extinguisher inspection certification program

1. fire code knowledge
Fire inspector trained by ASTTBC and keep up to date with requirements of codes and standards. Fire extinguishers also need examination takes place where the cylinder to ensure safety.

2. Fire extinguishers peak operation
By completing the monthly inspection your site increases the certainty fire extinguisher function.

3. Reduce worry insurance eligibility
The inspector will document all services are done at each place. It includes routine maintenance, annual fire inspections and inspecting equipment.

4. Promote safety
Inspector commitment to higher standards of protection by maintaining all fire safety.

The purpose of fire extinguisher inspection certification

Fire extinguisher inspection certification raises the standard for firefighting engineers. Then, it increases the safety and quality standards organizations using fire extinguisher inspector. Certification can also use as a marketing tool to convince your clients. The firefighters manned by operators the knowledge and experience that have tested.

Certification type

There are several types of fire extinguisher inspection certification test. Which is best for your staff will depend on the type of fire extinguishers that you use. Also, there is a certification course in portable fire extinguishers. Also, kitchen fire extinguisher system, pre-engineered fire suppression systems, and engineered fire suppression systems.


Fire extinguisher inspection certification uses various official sources as references. These include the international fire code and standards. Also, Compressed Gas Association of literature. Regulations dealing with major NFPA fire code 10 technicians and 17.

Key inspection requirements of NFPA 10:

1. Fire extinguishers should check at intervals of no more than 30 days as stated in NFPA 10. This includes confirming the location, operation, security seals intact nameplates in place. Also, the test for obvious physical damage, corrosion, leaks and clogged nozzles.

2. Internal inspection of portable fire extinguishers varies from 1-5 years.

3. Fire extinguisher tube testing varies from 6 to 12 years depending on the type of extinguisher.